2011 in Review

What a difference a year makes!
Not to sound like a cliche.  There have been some MAJOR changes this year round the farm.
Enough to crow about.
A major and rare snow storm for rural Gawga, resulted in an extended 'snow-cation' from work for a week.
No worries, down on the farm we always have a way of gettin to and fro.
My daughter on the 4-wheeler.
With the month of LOVE came a thrifty Goodwill styled Valentine's mantel on the farm;
and additions of my Goodwill Glamorous Fashions for work and play.
The month that started one of the biggest changes in our empty nesting down on the farm.
The addition of a 3 year old boy (my nephew) via a temporary custody order.
We call him, Booger Bear don't ask my how that nickname, wasn't my idea...I usually refer to him as Bear here.
To celebrate CHANGE and to try NOT to look like Bear's Grandma, I went BOLD with my Goodwill Glamorous fashion statement this month.
Warmer temps brought out the Spring colors in my thrifty fashions.
From head to toes - Goodwill purchased.
A spring mantel was tossed together for zero dollars, using what I had on hand.
Love my birdies and old things.
Bear hunted eggs and
held bunnies at a local farm.
We were blessed as my sister had her 3rd successful brain surgery.
We played.
And we opened the pool, Memorial Day weekend to celebrate the arrival of Summer!
Had me putting together a little boy's room with a thrifty makeover.
In addition to our vegetable garden, we put together our own mini Fairy Garden.
Which is still thriving in our office during the winter.

And a fun visit to the Zoo.
Found us frolicking on vacation at the beach...
Bear's very first trip to see the ocean!
Starting a new daycare "school".
We enjoyed the small things down on the farm.
Once again, August found us back in the courtroom regarding custody of Bear.  
The case was continued.
Had me turning another year older...along with a shift in job duties;
becoming our Social Media Marketing Coordinator at work...
and attending a Social Media Training Conference in Atlanta.
Bear adopted a Grandfather.
We went back to court, yes yet again...only to cancel the hearing and reschedule for December.
October had us celebrating Bear's 4th Birthday in a BIG way....
A huge Cowboy Up party in our Barn (yep, with the chickens...there are photos to prove it)
Over 30 family, friends and community members came out to support one precious little boy.
Of course, we ...
went Trunk-r-Treating.
We remembered all that we are grateful for in our lives.
Our very own Tall Tom, who was NOT on our Thanksgiving table. ;-)
We decorated...
Our Tree,  our mantel and our table.
We toured a Historic Home and visited Santa.
We crafted...
and we had a visit from a silly Elf, named Mister Sam....
Then Santa came...
However, the BEST gift we received for Christmas this year wasn't delivered under the tree or wrapped in pretty paper.  It came in the mail.  After a December 8th court visit, permanent custody of Bear was awarded to us...the final papers arrived in the mail on Christmas Eve.

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  1. Wow, Sherri what a year you have had. Raising a 4 year old is hard work. Great photos and blessings for a glorious new year my friend:)


Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog! I appreciate and read every comment. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! ~Sherri~

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