Christmas Tree Tour

I love the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree.
Welcome to my modest little tree tour.
This is our tree.  Simple, natural (if you don't count that the tree is fake!) and rustic.
Perfect for our little country farm.
I actually made all the trim and ornaments a few years ago for $20.
You can read how I went pine cone picking in a tractor bucket to make the ornaments, plus all the other details in THIS post. The only change is the tree skirt, which is extra burlap wrapped under the tree and fluffed.
The only brand new item this year were fresh twigs for the topper gathered from the yard.
Real pine cones and burlap cut into strips for the garland with touches of red birds and berries.
We've also seen beautiful trees other places:
Lots of red and gold in the tree at the Roop House tour.
Isn't Bear just adorable?
An outdoor tree for real birds with hand dipped pine cones in peanut butter and bird seed.
A rotating tree at my University Bookstore; adorned with the school colors.
Plus a cute little tree any little girl would be thrilled to have in her room -
seen at a small town parade with craft booths.
I remember when white lights were first seen on trees.  Growing up we always had strands of blinking colorful lights.  Now I am thrilled to have NON blinking white lights.
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Are you a blinking or non-blinking light person?

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  1. Wonderful tree, I love all the pine cones and burlap. Spectacular!!


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