Homemade Christmas Gifts Review

Since the gifts have been unwrapped, I can share what I've been working on the last several weeks.
The HIT of this Christmas were these:
Photo blocks for family.  I selected photos specific to the person along with other family photos. They were simply painted black with craft paint, then Mod Podge for attaching the photos and sealing the blocks.
A note about these if you decide you want to make them.  We did NOT use 4x4 posts because that wood is pressure treated and could eventually ruin the photos.  Mine are made with 1x4's wood glued together and then cut to size.
For the women I made felt flowers from this awesome tutorial at Creative Cain Cabin.
Plus I made a braided fabric necklace for my college age niece.  Here is a tutorial on the fabric necklaces, however I didn't sew mine together.  I knotted the ribbon ties to the ends.
I plan to make a ton more of felt flowers for myself!  I LOVE them and they are adorable in all colors with outfits.
Along with the above, I also made 4 teacup candles.
Unfortunately due to the fact I was finishing these up at the last minute, I only took a photo while waiting on the wax to dry.  Bummer!  They had adorable matching saucer plates that I glued the cups atop to complete the gift.  This was my VERY FIRST time with candle making and it was fun.  I scented them with sugar cookie smell so they will be perfect in the kitchen.  I'm sure I will be making more of these in the future.

I personally LOVE homemade useful items and were thrilled that these were appreciated.
Did you gift Homemade this year?  I'd love to see!
Leave me a link and I will check it out.  Of course, Pinterest inspired several of mine and you can find my favorite pins HERE.


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