Transportation Theme Boy's Room - part 1

Finally!  After the clearing out of the junk room guest room and initial toddler bed purchase; I have been on the hunt for items to create an inexpensive, fun and functional 3 year old boy's room.  Transportation became the theme because Booger Bear loves trains, airplanes and trucks.  I've been able to find some great pieces to pull this room together via yard sales and thrift stores.  A few weeks ago I scored a small solid wood bookcase at my local Goodwill store. 
Since I am trying to work on my tan and enjoy our pool, I hauled the bookcase poolside in a swimsuit to sand it down.
The before just wasn't doing it for me.  Exactly what you would have said about me in my swimsuit.  Thankfully I saved your eyes from the shock featuring the bookcase today.  This is a family friendly blog after all.  Plus I don't want my photo circulated around the net as examples of what NOT to wear.  You'll just have to trust me or better yet thank me.
I used Rust-oleum Chinese Red spray paint.  Kinda reminds me to apply sunscreen.
Yep, it's hanging over the pool's retaining wall.  I didn't want to spray it on the concrete plus this kept me close enough for a lightening fast rescue of said 3 year old.   Along with the fact it was HOT, so a quick dip in the pool between sanding and painting, made this project bearable.

After the paint and my swimsuit dried, it was time to place my paint project back in Booger Bear's room.  
Perfect size for little hands to reach his books.  Above the bookcase I added two adorable wooden plaques found at a local yard sale for $5 each.  They remind me of something from Pottery Barn.  Anyone recognize them????
A is for Airplane and B is for Boat!  Both modes of transportation and facination for Booger Bear. 
The two tiny 'bins' were picked up from the Dollar Spot at Target.  I worried if they would fit inside the shelf.  They did!  These also match the color theme and help little hands with quick clean up of his room.   Most of the books on the shelf were finds at different Goodwill stores. 
The other side of the room holds his toy 'corner'.  I hope to snap a few photos and share that in an upcoming post.  I still need to hang a few yard sale finds on the wall to complete it.  So stay tuned!
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  1. Great job on the bookcase. Love the red you used. A dip between chores doesn't sound bad etither.

  2. What a great job you did, Sherri! I love how the bookcase turned out...and hey, you also got a tan out of it!



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