Winter Storm 2011

Happy New Year & Welcome Old Man Winter!
Georgia is not accustom to this type weather.
This is our driveway down on the Farm.
We have been bundled up inside the house for the most part since Sunday night.
Our transportation has been this:
My daughter bundled up on the 4-wheeler.
We traveled up the road to check out conditions.  A VERY fridgid ride.
Sleet began around 6pm on Sunday for an hour, then huge snowflakes.
Unfortunately, we had more ice than snow, creating a solid sheet of ice over everything.
There was a flurry of activity on the Farm prior to the storm.
A grocery run on Friday.  I've cooked up my easy Chicken Pot Pie and a huge pot of veggie beef soup.
We also moved all vehicles under cover of the garage or barn.
Out at the barn, we turned on heaters for the chickens and in the horse's water.
Once the sleet began, we gathered up our horses to keep them dry.
After the snow, sleet and drizzling rain was over, they were happy to be out.
Hey, a little hay and a lot of crunching on the ice!
They did a bit of romping in the big pasture yesterday and were amusing.
Luckily we have not lost power during all of this.  Which was a huge concern.
They have closed all the schools for the 3rd day now, even the University where I work.
It's just too frozen for humans and animals.
This is our neighbor's cow.  See the icicles hanging on her ears?
GMA reports that the ONLY state withOUT snow is Florida!
Has that ever happened before?!
What are Your snow day activities?
We've been playing SkipBo (a FUN card game recommended by my teen daughter); along with cooking up good food, watching movies, surfing the net, playing on Facebook to see how everyone else's is fairing in the storm and a bit of reading.

I'm looking forward to a New Year of blogging and am working on posts to share! Since the first week back at work was crazy busy and this week has been a mini vacation.


  1. The snow looks so beautiful, but I feel sorry for your neighbours cow - her poor ears will be frost bitten :o(

  2. Even here in Wisconsin where we are used to snow, the university closed for a day. When I heard that Florida was the only state that didn't get snow, I said that someone should throw a snowball over state lines. hehe.


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