Rustic Country Christmas Mantel

Those that know me well, know I'm a simple gal.  
Several years ago, I had a beautiful glass and gold shiny tree with all the glitter and glam.
I like to dress up...sometimes.
As I've gotten older (and hopefully wiser), it isn't about all the shiny things in life.
Maybe it's just back to my core.  Simple, country girl.
You may remember last year's mantel --
I do love my pine cone theme.  Natural elements.
This year I wanted to change it up a bit, but still have that rustic country charm.
The empty wood frame has been used several ways in our mantel decor over the last year.  When I pulled out my Christmas decorations I had 3 pine cones from 2009 that were used in my kitchen on the chandelier. 
Since I baked the cones back in 2009, they are still in amazing condition!  So I tied them around my empty frame for this year's mantelscape (new word, like it?).  You can barely see the Santa head from my photo angle (it's what I get for being so short! and no daylight left to snap another picture).  Secret:  He is a Dollar Tree Santa sitting on a small glass to give him a bit more height, behind the fake greenery.
My white lantern was a gift several years ago at work.
On the other side I re-used red candles from my Christmas box.
All of the greenery and berries are floral picks from years past.
A few various sized pine cones are strategically stuffed in there hoping they don't fall off placed.
There is only one new item on my mantel this year (meaning recently purchased and not from my stash).
The Santa and reindeer:
We picked this up to add for Booger Bear, because it is our first Christmas with him in our family.
There you have my simple rustic country Christmas mantel.
I just pulled out my decorations, with no 'plan' in mind...cause that's how I roll having an excited 4 year old running around talking about elves and Santa.
I will be linking to a few Christmas blog parties.  So be sure to check them all out for inspiration and ideas.

Have you decked out your mantel? Leave me a link,
I would love to see it!


  1. Beautiful, and the rustic touch if very fitting. I like the lace touch around the candles and the pinecones hanging from the frame. I love it when the same piece can be used in so many different ways. Have a great Christmas!!!

  2. Thanks Dawn! The 'lace' is a thrifty find. I still have some and need more use ideas! :-)

  3. Lovely mantle Sherri :o)
    Why did you bake the cones though?
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  4. Hi Sherri,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and the nice comments on my Christmas mantel. It's my fav so far! Love the way you framed those pinecones on your mantel! Following along.

  5. Baking the pine cones kills any 'critters' (bugs) AND keeps them opened up.

  6. Your Christmas mantel is lovely! I love the pinecones and the warm wood with the stone. Stopping by from A to Z.


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