New Year's Eve Menu

Anyone that knows me, knows I like to keep things simple, easy, fun and inexpensive.
The same goes for our little celebration tonight to ring in 2012.
We will have a couple of friends down on the farm along with keeping things kid friendly.
Of course, the table is shiny   
Photo compliments of my iPhone via InstaGram.
My friends like to pick on me about being all fancy and such.
Not really, I just thought this was so pretty and if you read the post about it, you find it's really cheap frugal.
But this is about the MENU Sherri!  Yeah, Yeah, I'm getting to the food really I am.
Finger foods, so we can munch, play and enjoy the evening.
Apple Toffee Dip
A co-worker brings this for our work parties and it is DELISH!
Sweet and Sour Meatballs
3 ingredients and pop it all in the crock pot.  My kinda recipe.
Ham and Cheese sandwiches on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
Based on the above roast beef party sandwich recipe.
Little Pigs
Smokies and crescent rolls.  Kinda fittin' down on the farm. ;-)
Lemon cupcakes with sprinkles
During the after Christmas sales, I picked up some of the sugar pearl sprinkles to use.  I'm using silver liners to match the table decor and keeping it simple, a store bought mix. Shhhh, don't spill the beans.
Chips and dip
That's it folks!
I have silly party hats, noise horns and will be making a few of these for kicks and giggles:
Source - Pinterest
Mine won't be as fancy, but Bear will think they are cute.
What's a night down on the farm without one of these?
Good friend, family, fun foods and a fire.  All the best F words. ;-)
I will share a few photos of all the fixin's on my Blog Facebook Fan page later this evening.
Whatever you and your family are enjoying tonight, at home or out...I want to wish each one of you
the HAPPIEST of New Year's in 2012!
We will see you from down on the farm, next year! ;-)


  1. Everything looks yummy...I ready to the aqua and silver centerpiece...Happy New Year..phyllis

  2. Happy New Year, Sherri. So glad you are back to blogging:)

  3. This looks delish and your table is beautiful. Enjoy your evening and Happy New Year, my friend!



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