Not the Kool Aid Mom

Do you know a Kool Aid Mom?  You know the type.  She has it together for birthdays, holidays, play groups; She's the team mom, room mom, prom decor mom.  Never looks frazzled.  Giggles along with the kids at 2am on sleepovers and has the patience of Job.  That isn't me.  In our family, that gene was passed to my sister.
Sis (being silly) and me, Thanksgiving 2010
Always in charge of the children's crafts at Vacation Bible School (and the refreshments).  Sis opened her house to teens to build their Homecoming float not just once, but for many years, under her carport.  She is the assistant Cheer Coach and even a Band Mom at the same time.  She is THE Kool Aid Mom and then some.

Sonya has raised two beautiful girls and has a three month old grand daughter.  I tease her because I am the oldest and she is the first grandma.  She is kind, compassionate, thoughtful and a beautiful soul. 
In 2007 my sister underwent two brain surgery's.  One to remove a blood mass tumor and then six months later for Trigeminal neuralgia.   Two weeks after the second surgery, she returned to her job at the local high school.  She is simply amazing.

Tomorrow my beautiful sister will yet again undergo surgery for the Trigeminal neuralgia.  The pad used to wrap the nerve in 2007 has either moved or something else has happened.  They are trying a different procedure this time.  Please send prayers, positive thoughts, smoke signals or whatever you feel in these situations for my sister, her husband, Jeff and their precious family. 

Because the world can use as many wonderful Kool Aid Mom's as we can keep. 


  1. Sherri...this is such a sweet post. Your sister is as beautiful inside as out. I will be sending many prayers your way.



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