My Fairy Garden

Dance in a land of enchantment with fairies in your garden.
My newest addition to our backyard/walk/pool area.  A miniature fairy garden.
What a fun family project!  One from our summer list.
We shopped together for all the items to put together our mini garden.
 3 succulents and the fake mushrooms at Home Depot.
Next was a stop in a local gardening greenhouse, where I picked up Scotch Moss and Doone Valley Creeping Thyme (which blooms with tiny pink flowers and the foliage turns red in the winter) and a 'Green Velvet' mini Boxwood to trim into a tree.
The 'pot' is an animal trough from Tractor Supply, with holes drilled into the bottom.  I picked this because the price, size and depth suited the space and what I had in mind.  You can transform almost anything into a miniature garden ~ the children's old wagon, a homemade raised bed, washtub, birdbath, basket, etc.  Here are a few ideas I found on -  
source - pinterest

I wanted our garden large enough to change up and low enough for tiny tots to enjoy. 
We also made a stop in Hobby Lobby for miniatures (pots, bench and frog) and Tinkerbell is a garden pick that I picked up 50% off.  The fairy 'house' is a bird house.  The stones came from the Dollar Tree.  Tinkerbell's bridge is really meant to be fish tank decor.  The 'pond' is a plastic ice cream bowl with stones tossed in the bottom. 

I loved playing outside as a child.  Heck, back then that is all we had to do in the summer!  However, I don't really have a rep for having a green thumb.  Hopefully I picked out hearty foliage for my mini garden.  At least there is only a little to replace and restyle.  I have to admit I love rounding the corner to our back porch every afternoon and being greeted by such a cute sight in our lantana flower bed.
Booger Bear and I are watching for a garden full of butterflies and hopefully fairies.  So use your imagination and build a little enchantment for your garden!

Do you have a green thumb?  or a Fairy Garden? 

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  1. L.O.V.E. your garden! So beautiful!

  2. Gosh I know the fairy's are jumping for joy to have such a great place to visit. I love, love your small gardens. Have Fun!

  3. How cute is that. Everything looks so neat in the little garden. This is one kind of garden I dont have, I do have an old metal tub--maybe one will be coming to my yard.

  4. Adorable! I love the little mushrooms and the pond. I love all the miniatures so much that I used some in my herb garden, just for me. So glad you stopped by!


  5. very pretty! I found your blog through a link party and LOVE it! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  6. Hi there Sherri. I love this fairy pretty and magical. Your blog is so sweet. I am glad you joined the party. Have fun.

  7. This is a really sweet idea, Sherri! I saw some others last week, too. I remember years ago I wanted to do a fairy garden, but couldn't find the miniatures I wanted to incorporate easily at the local stores. Now it seems you can find these things all over! Love the birdhouse as the fairy house.

  8. Love your little garden and yes I did make one and it was great fun. I plan on making another soon. Hugs Maryjane at Storybook Cottage

  9. Oh my goodness! This is sooooo cute! I totally want to do this with my kiddos this summer...the list is getting longer. LOL! :-)

  10. I don't have a very green thumb either but it is nice to see something you made that's pretty outside! Come and share this with WorkShop Wednesday. It would be a nice addition to the party!

  11. This is so cute!! I'm emailing the link to my granddaughter....she loves fairies!

  12. Your minigarden is adorable. I saw one on tv a few years ago and thought it was so darling. What is it about miniature things that we all love? Speaking of fairies. have you ever seen the movie "Fairy Tale: A True Story"?
    It's the sweetest story about two young girls in England who photographed fairies... and it's true.
    Hope you have a great weekend and I love your fairy garden.

  13. Hi Sherri,
    I've just found your Fairy Garden on Pinterest and think it's enchanting. I just love all the cute details :-) If I was a fairy I'd live there for sure!
    I also wanted to invite you to enter our Fairy Garden Contest -
    We've run the contest for the last 4 years and it has been so much fun... pop on over for a peek.
    Blessings and magic,

  14. Love your fairy garden! We are just getting interested in these. Beautiful!


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