Week in Review via Pics

Welcome to InstaFriday!  Where many of us link up to share our week in photos from our phones.  These are a sample of pictures posted via the App InstaGram.
We hatched one little turkey chick earlier this week.  Isn't it CUTE?!
Happy to report, he/she is doing great.
We actually have chickens hatching as I am typing!
A late Christmas gift that was JUST in time for a cold rainy weekend.
Two of our cats - Max in the box, our old man
Bella on the box, a rescued kitten.
My favorite ice cream.
A little Goodwill shopping find.  I styled it twice this week! See it Here.
Rain, rain and more rain this week. (drops on my car windshield)
Cozy comfort food on this week's menu plan - Easy Chicken-n-Dumplings
Rainy day pool.  Winter.
I'm missing Summer, are you?
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  1. I AM missing Summer! Though we haven't had much of a winter here in Jersey yet!

    Cute duckling! Cute Kitty's! Very cute jacket!

    Happy Friday! Found you over at life rearranged! :)

  2. Love the little chick, and your cats are precious. Summer is like a distant memory. Our summer in Ontario is a little blip compared to the colder seasons.

  3. Yes !The turkey chick is pretty cute, and so are your cats!

  4. Im missing summer sooo much!
    Your Max looks like a Maine Coon? One of my 6 is a Coonie. Bella has the cutest nose ever!

    PS: you find the best stuff at GW!!

  5. Aww, the baby turkey is so cute! I don't think I've ever seen a baby one.

    Those chicken & dumplings look delicious! Perfect for winter!

  6. Love some Goodwill shopping- I haven't been in a while, so thanks for reminding me how it's done! Nice.

  7. Awww your fur babies are adorable! Love Bella's brown nose! Sounds like you have a fun critter house with chicks, turkeys, and cats!

    Not sure if I can say I'm missing summer yet. In TX we haven't even had a winter yet. The high today is 71....crazy!

    Kendra :o)

  8. Yum, you're ice cream snack looks sooo good!

    And I love the green color of your jacket!

  9. How cute is that turkey!?! The late Christmas gift looks lovely! That kitty is so sweet! Have a great week!


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