Enough - My one word for 2012

I AM 'enough'.
I rarely ask much of you my wonderful readers.  However, if you would like to know why I picked this word, as my one little word for this year.  I wrote a heartfelt post on my other blog,  Southern Sunflower Seeds, that is still a very fresh, young blog to me.  You may read about it there.  If you like.
Because it matters.  Because YOU matter.  Because we are ALL 'enough'.

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  1. Enough is one of my two words for 2012. But for a totally different reason! Enough is enough. That's more along the lines of what I meant with mine. Enough stuff. I've taken enough crap from people. Enough activities to do. Etc.

    Funny aside though, I found you through WIWW but the word "enough" so far has not translated into my clothing wardrobe. I seem to be on a roll this week looking for new things on winter sales and at thrift stores. LOL.

    I love your thoughts behind your one little word. That gives my word more depth as I progress through this year. Thanks for sharing!

    Alissa from


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