Goodwill Glamorous - Shoes Edition

Welcome to my 3rd edition of Goodwill Glamorous! 
Find the Dress edition here and the skirt edition here
This week is all about Shoes.  Yeah, I know, I once was a shoe snob.  Wouldn't fathom bringing home a pair of 'used' shoes.  I have changed my tune.  What I've found is new and really nice almost new shoes to compliment my GW outfits for mere dollars.  If it gives you the heebie jeebies, just wipe them out with a Lysol cleaning cloth.
Adorable chunky stylish Mudd sandals - $2.00 (50% off of the regular GW price of $4.00) These appear to have never been worn!
 I wear tons of sandals to work, I like them comfy for those days where I have a lot of standing to do.  These Naturalizer's in brown are perfect!
Black sandals - $4.00
Kim Rogers in black, more comfy than the above pair and brand new - $4
Need something classic and dressy?
How about these ~
Brand new Naturalizer pumps; $3.48 on half off day. 
Cooler Fall temps mean the sandals will have to be put away soon.
So I have been on the hunt for a few closed shoes.
This black pair of heeled loafers will look great with dress slacks or jeans.
$2.00 - half price color of the week.
Thrilled to find this stylish pair:
BRAND NEW Bare Trap Leather clogs
If you purchase them in the store they are around $89!
My GW price - $4.00
These cuties are my 'big find' in shoes so far.  If you would like to see a post with photos of more high end shoes and a lady that wears them.  Check out my new bloggin friend Dee over at A Little Junk in my Trunk.  She not only buys for herself, you will be AMAZED at the Eddie Bauer 'look' that she put together for her brother, all from the "G-Dub".
****I will be linking in to some thrifty and frugal parties this week, check them all out in my Blog Parties Link at the top of my page.


  1. Sherri,

    I want to go to your GW. I can't believe the shoes! You certainly have a knack for finding classy outfits! Wow!!


  2. Sherri,
    Thanks for the shout out! Great finds!! I love it when someone compliments me on my shoes and I say "Oh G-Dub."

  3. Those shoes are GREAT! I can never find shoes that nice at our Goodwill, they are always so worn out!


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