Goodwill Glamorous ~ Dress Edition

Welcome to my NEW recurring series featuring Glamorous Fashion found at the Goodwill Store!
Sassy looking isn't she?  Oh wait!  That she is ME.  ;-)
If you've read any part of my blog you KNOW I *heart* Goodwill.
Nothing makes my heart skip a beat like finding a steal of a deal!
A while back, I shared my new purse passion with you.
All thrifty finds.
This week, I could toss on one of these Goodwill numbers for work.
Church on Sunday.
A night out on the town.
Or even a walk down the isle.
For LESS than $10!
Yes, Ladies, you read that correctly; where IS the smelling salts?
In fact, these set me back $6.56 EACH ~
Let's begin with this Evan Picone number for work, shall we? 
I have a meeting this week, so my co-workers will probably see me in this one.
Maybe you like more color?  Fun and flashy?
Giggles! Better prices than those fancy department stores.
Need a little more sophistication?
We all need that one "Little Black Dress".
Liz Claiborne for that special 'date' night.
Where is the Limo?
Attending a wedding? Or maybe you ARE the Bride.
This one is timeless, classy and elegant.
Uh photographer, didn't I say classy and elegant?
That's more like it.
Now where is my bouquet?
I hear you saying, "Sherri, I can't find these dresses at my Goodwill!".  Well, neither do I, every time.  Keep going back.  Plus I visit other Goodwill Stores in neighboring cities. I'd rather drive to a Goodwill Store than I had go to the Mall!  My favorite Goodwill is about 45 minutes from me, even though we also have one locally. My last trip was very lucky.  I found all four of these, along with some other goodies I have planned to share next week.  So be sure to check back for my next Goodwill Glamorous edition!
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  1. Nice outfits~ Great Job Sherri!They all look nice on you and I love GW shopping too!

  2. I too love Goodwill but tend to only look for home decor. Now that my house is overflowing and seeing all your great purses and clothes, I think I need to rethink what I'm looking for. Can't wait to see what else you've found at GW!

  3. Great finds in the clothes, Sherri! I've gotten so spoiled I hardly ever buy anything new anymore. Good for you!

  4. Oh I love the G-Dub too! I find great things at mine all of the time! You are right, you have to look and go more than once. Love your blog, come visit mine:

  5. Great clothes! It's the fun of the hunt that keeps me going back too ;o)

  6. Great finds! We don't have a Goodwill anywhere near us - I wish there was one though!

  7. Great dresses..My problem with goodwill dresses are sometimes they don't fit well..and I don't want to try them on before washing them. :-( So I ended up with a bunch of them that wouldn't fit well, and later I will have to donate them back

  8. I see that we have a lot in buying our clothes at THRIFTY prices...just can't buy retail anymore!!! Thanks for coming to my party...hope you are having a FUN time here!


  9. Those are great outfits! I've found some great bargains at the Salvation Army!

  10. You are preaching to the choir on Goodwill. I have gotten some amazing pieces there. thanks for sharing. You are a lovely model.

  11. You make all these dresses look like fun! They look gorgeous on you. Great deals. Let's see more!


  12. Sherri, you have me smiling ear to ear. I adore clothes shopping at Goodwill. I find the most amazing bargains. Your new clothes are gorgeous and so are you. You are having fun and it shows. I too look for designer clothes and I find them.
    Smart and lucky us. Smile!!!
    Hugs, Jeanne


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