Goodwill Glamorous - Skirt Addition

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Goodwill Glamorous.
How I am wearing glamorous outfits for pennies!
Last week I shared my Dress Edition of Goodwill fashion finds.
Today I am sharing a few of my skirt discoveries.
During the summer months, I mainly wear skirts to the office with the occasional dress.
Rarely will you see me in a pair of slacks with our Southern heat.
Skirts are just cooler to me.

This recent purchase is my favorite!
I found the blouse (NY and Co brand), then picked up this skirt by Notions in the same store.
Grand total for this outfit - $9.12
Animal prints are back in style?  GREAT because this straight skirt was only $4.56, paired with a black sleeveless shirt for now.  Changing out to a three quarter sleeve black shirt will take me into the cooler Fall days.
Another versatile skirt is this fun multi color pleated number with sewn on beading at the bottom.
I've seen these in Department stores for over $20.
This one cost me $5 and some change.  Toss on a black shirt and my lime scarf to complete the outfit.

Another pleated skirt in neutral colors.
Plus a fun ruffled front blouse.
Found in the same Goodwill store, paired together for less than $10.
Notice the necklace in the photos is the same one worn with 3 different outfits?
Picked it up at Kohl's during a 50% off sale for $8.  It cost more than my skirts! But I have been able to utilize it to jazz up many outfits.

Does your wardrobe need some Glamour? Have you stopped by your Goodwill store lately?

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  1. CUTE!! I especially like tha last look.
    I have wonderful luck with clothing at my GW.

  2. Love the animal print one. It is great for now and the fall. Goodwill has ruined me. I have trouble looking elsewhere now :)

  3. Your outfits are adorable. You'd never know they came from the thrift store.

  4. Niiice! Today I did Goodwill Shoes!


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