Happy Birthday ! to Me

"All I'm after is a life FULL of Laughter"

Yep, I was born this day over ... years ago.
oh who's really counting, right?
I can be goofy and silly.  Most of the time I'm all 'grown up'.  Is that because I am the oldest of 3 girls?
My younger sister, Sonya and me.
Or maybe that adult thing comes from raising these...
Both of which are now 'officially' grown, since the baby girl is now 18.
Or so they think. ;-)
So it's time for Mom to kick back, let my hair down and act like a kid if I want!  First, I took the day off work.  (can't let the kid in me out while running an office!) 
I've hung the 'Cook's Off' sign in the kitchen and I am going to play!
Maybe in a field of these....
Photo compliments of Christy Burgess ~ Visions to Images Photography
See ya'll tomorrow with more....
How did you celebrate your Birthday this year?


  1. Happy birthday, Sherri! So glad to read you took the day off to celebrate YOU... Enjoy your day.


  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many more!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day is a super one. Hugs, Marty

  4. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday, Sherri!! Spoil yourself today!!


  5. Happy Birthday Sherri, hope you have a fabulous day - however you celebrate.
    I'll be on the South coast in Kent next week to celebrate my birthday!
    Very best wishes from 'over the pond'.
    Rose H

  6. Hope your day was perfect in every way!


  7. Happy birthday! (I stumbled on your blog via cottage cozy) I had surgery the day before my birthday this year so I was being waited on hand & foot! (Did I plan it that way? I'll never tell (; ~lol!)

  8. Oh, Sherri -- happy belated birthday! Mine is 10 days after yours, so I'll have to remember that! It looks like it was wonderful!


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