Farm Valentine's Mantel

Read with a Southern accent
Hi Ladies!  (and maybe even a few Gents)  Lemme pour you up a tall glass of sweet iced tea.  We can rest a bit in the 'Sitting' room.  Why YES I did re-do my mantel!  It's kinda like that show on the TV; Extreme Makeover.  I just pulled everything down, dusted it off like my Momma taught me, gathered up all the old country farm items I could put my hands on and stuck 'em up there.  Honey, all that loveliness didn't cost me a dime!  I kid you not!
I'm just pea green with envy over all those ladies crisp white mantels that you see all over blogland.  So I decided I had to do something about it.  Now painting that rock just isn't an option.  I'd find myself sleeping in the hen house.  Then I remembered I'd stolen some white shutters a few years ago from this junk store at a little over two bucks each.  That would give me the white brightness I desired.
Since Valentine's is coming up, there had to be a few touches of red.  
To hide the fact that the roses are fake as them nails those gals get put on down at the 'Toe-n-Go', I stuffed that mason jar with paper shreds.  If you promise not to tell my secret I'll share where I got them.  Lean in real close now.  I bought them last year at the Dollar Tree; 2 bunches of 'em.  I did!  I swear.  And those books, well I snagged them at the Goodwill for nearly nothing.  Uh huh, I shop religiously at the Goodwill.  Don't you dare tell the Jr. Women's League.  Cause they think I paid megga bucks for those fancy name brand duds I wear to the meetings.  The heart shaped rug beater is a bone-afide antique that I found in a small store several years ago.  My little chubby bird was on clearance after Christmas a couple of seasons ago.
On the other side, I did that fancy technique of layering with that saying board.  It used to hang on the wall.  Might have to put it back up there one day.  The butter mold?  It's another for real antique.  My grandmother actually made butter in it.  Sure enough!  I bet that takes a long time.  
Don't tell the Farmer, but I pulled that lantern off the back porch.  Sure did!  Had to spit shine her though.  It was mighty dirty.  For some reason, my mantel isn't complete without my old bottles.  They seem to sneak in every time I redo the thing.
You need that sweet tea topped off?  Sure thing Sugah!  It really is the simple things in life, ain't it? I've found I don't have to spend a fortune to fancy things up a bit here and there around this old Farm place.  Besides it sure makes me smile.   
I've enjoyed our little visit.  Hunny, I sure do hope you will drop back by the farm.  We might even bake up something deLish next time.  Cause I know you've got to run along down the road to those fun parties:



  1. Gorgeous mantel! Thanks so much for linking it to Thrifty Thursday! :)

  2. Your mantel looks so pretty!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. How pretty! You must find a chicken feeder, I love to incorporate it in my decor.

  4. We must think so much alike Sherri!
    I have a stone fireplace too and I just did a mantel re-do a week or so ago.
    I am looking for white shutters to brighten it up even more!
    i love your ideas and everything is gorgeous!

  5. It looks great! I absolutely love that quote too! I'm your newest follower from the A2Z Mantel party. If you get a chance, I'd love you to stop by my blog & maybe follow along too! I'm also hosting my first giveaway, you can enter to win a My Memories digital scrapbooking program.

  6. Ha ha! And with the red roses, you are ready for Valentines day!!

  7. Love so many of these elements and how you combined them! I'm a big Valentine's Day decorator and your mantle is very pretty!

  8. Sherri, it is all just wonderful, and the white shutters really set it off. Great score on them babies.

  9. I love how you used the white shutters to lighten up the mantle. It looks great!

  10. Pretty Valentine mantel. Besides my weekly fri-monday linky, I am also hosting a Valentine contest. Please come and link up with me at

  11. Great Valentine's Day mantel! I wish so bad we had a mantel so I could decorate it cute too :)

  12. Very pretty. Love the pops of red with white.

  13. Thank you for linking up, good luck :)


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