What I've Worn to Work

If you follow along on Faceboook or InstaGram you may have already seen these outfits.  While I don't have a ton of time to write blog post these days, I share tons more on Facebook and InstaGram about what I'm wearing, what we are doing, all the farm critters and even what we are having for supper.  I menu planned my entire month this month!!!  Err, sorry that's another post entirely.  On to...a a bit of what I've fashioned to wear to work out of my recent thrift finds:
I love this purple top!  Recently found at my local Goodwill store, it's soft and flowing.  Feels like pajamas, looks dressy with the ruffles around the v-neck.  Topped with my pale green cardigan for chilly mornings.
That purple necklace was also a thrift purchase!
This top and skirt are both thrift finds.  Another top with ruffles for fanciness.  This skirt is supper comfy with an elastic waist.  My sandals are new from Belk's.  I just couldn't find any comfortable ones to wear to work anywhere.  At least these were on sale!  My feet love me for it.
This outfit is not very flattering but I promise the pops of color were cute.  All thrift - skirt, top and short sleeve cardi.
Here let me take your mind off of how frumpy that fashion not statement was to this...
A new dress.  Love the 3/4 sleeves with our mixed up Mother Nature in Georgia.  Classic black and white screams 'together'.  Yes, I bought it at Goodwill for a bit over $5.  The black necklace is also a thrift buy.
Then it's casual Friday at the office.

I paired up my thrifted LLBean skirt, with my Liz Claiborne denim jacket from Goodwill over a hand-me-down top and a gifted scarf.  Do you see a trend forming here?  COMFY!  Yep, I've decided I'm not trying to be a fashionista ...I just really want to be comfortable.  Ha!

Not an entire outfit photo, but I picked up this cute skirt last week at Goodwill and wore it to work 2 days later, right after it was tossed in the washer. ;-)
My toes match.  Oh and you can't see all of them but I also purchased brown sandals for summer, on sale.  I spent more on my shoes than my outfit.  Such is the life of a Goodwill addict.

What have you been wearing?  All the rain we've had I should have purchased rain boots instead of sandals!

pleated poppy

An Ending - A Beginning

Oh I really hope March is nicer to me than February has been.  I am feeling the effects of winter dragging on and on; along with all the rain we've had in Georgia.  Mud.  There's plenty of that down on the farm.
It has also been a busy month with life and new farm adventures!
Here is a quick review:
It has been many years since I have had to make and send Valentines to Elementary school.  Bear had fun with my old scrapbook supplies and some brand new construction paper making family cards.  My daughter, Leah, would tell you that I never allowed her to play with my punches.  Funny how different my parenting skills are with 26 years "experience".  ;-)
There have been several additions to our little farm -
A bottle fed calf, we've named ButterCup.  She is a full size jersey.  Did I mention you have to feed her a bottle twice a day?  Um, yeah.
There are also four rabbits...
This is BuckaLoo meeting Max.  BuckaLoo is really BIG!  He also has three girlfriends, one of which we named iHop.  Get it?  Yeah, we are silly sometimes.  We expect BuckaLoo to produce us Easter Cadberry eggs, like on TV.  I'm not getting my hopes up.  However, the man that sold them to us told us a week after that BuckaLoo had broken out of his cage and was found courting the ladies the week before.  So we will probably have baby bunnies here soon.  Wish it would have been in time to sell them for Easter!

Since February is the month of love, and Buckaloo got his lovings, we decided to hook Rosie up with a steady boyfriend.
Sultan is a registered mini jersey bull and he traveled from Colorado just to meet the cow of his dreams.  They plan to settle down right here in Georgia on the farm.  He is full of personality and isn't intimidated one bit by his much taller girlfriend.

Thanks to all the wonderful rain, it's muddy and messy around the barn.  We figured we might as well take our Saturday bath a bit early.  The Farmer tried making up old fashioned lye soap this month.
Since this was our first run, I am waiting to see how well it works.  If it cleans, then I may put together a little tutorial for the rest of you folks.  Cause I know all the snow and rain have left things messy in other parts of the country too.  Time for Spring Cleaning soon!

The Farm has become a clearing house of sorts for animals, seems we have some shared baby chicks in the barn.  We 'babysat' 400 ducks a few nights and now there are 3 dwarf goats looking for another home.

That's it for this month, bring on March. We are ready for spring!

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's really all about the Love right?  
Not the commercial side of Valentine's Day.  However, there will be small candy hearts for Bear and Leah today.  It's a secret, but the Farmer and Bear have been 'not so secretly' working on homemade Valentine cards.  Sweet!  
I joined a Valentine's swap via blogland and InstaGram. My first ever mug swap through Sew Caroline and Rags to Stitches. I had the pleasure of being paired up to swap with Thuy at My Paper Pinwheel.  Thuy is a mom of 2 adorable boys and is the sweetest swap partner!  I was thrilled the day I opened my mailbox and my mug swap was here!
I couldn't wait and rushed in to open it!  Look what greeted me: adorable bright happy paper and a sweet tiny card.
Everything was tucked in and arrived safely.
Thuy wrapped it up just as cheerful.
Tiny packages of fun.  Here is all my loot:
I was totally spoiled by Thuy!  Washi tape, a hello stamp, my fav candy, socks, note pad, adorable set of traveling coffee cups, pencils, heart suckers and last but NOT least...
this AMAZING coffee mug from  Anthropologie!!!  My very first Anthro item.  I loved every sweet little thing.
And just in case you are wondering, here is my package to Thuy.
THANKS to Caroline and Alissa for such a fun swap! I'm so glad I was able to participate and have made a new friend in Thuy.

My Happy Mail Project

In early January, while viewing my InstaGram feed, I spotted a mail swap for Valentines.  Fun right?  The big reveal of my swap goodies is coming up in my post on Thursday.  This idea reminded me of being around 12 years old and meeting a friend while on vacation in Florida.  After a week of fun, Linda and I became pen pals.  Of course, back in those days there wasn't email, Facebook or even cell phones!  Yes, I am THAT old.
So receiving a note, letter or card in the mail was fun.  As we get older and life makes us responsible for bills, there isn't much joy in going to the mailbox.  So this year, I decided I wanted to have a little fun, enjoy the revival of pen pals and hopefully spread a little happiness to others in the process.  I put the call out for pen pals and swap pals on InstaGram and my Facebook Fan page.  Thrilled that several ladies have responded!  I've even set up my own pen pal notebook to keep up with everyone. Let the HAPPY MAIL begin traveling snail.
I grabbed my stash of scrapbook supplies and made my own stationery.  Because we all know I'm a thrifty! Have you tried to buy stationery?  One, you can't find it! Two, if you do the price of it could purchase groceries for a family of four.
The letters and packages started their journey this month.  Spreading happy mail far and wide.
I have sent out letters, cards and small packages with fun little items and homemade crafts.  If you are one of my pen pals and haven't yet received a letter or package, no worries you will!  I am going to try to send out some little something each month.  Plus I will also be sending a note or letter in between.  To keep the happy coming and going!  Sure brightens my day to get home from work, check the box and have something sweet inside.  It's also fun to make up a little envy to send off to make others smile.

My 1st letter was received January 28th and my first package came in on February 4th.
I opened my first package to find this beautiful personalized beach bag!  Perfect for that day at the lake, by our pool or hopefully this summer to the beach.
I also received a gorgeous artist postcard (which many call "mail art") from one of my IG pals.
Just in time to add to my mantel, I received an adorable garland of crocheted hearts.
I hung it that same night.
A little unexpected blessing came on Saturday via happy mail from one of my sweet pen pals.  Not only did I receive this cute package for Valentines.
Candy, a card, a cute monogram letter note pad and guess what I will be wearing on Vday?  This whimsy adorable heart scarf!
Traci also sent Bear his own 'happy mail'.
Hot wheels, candy and a sweet little card.  He was SO excited when I showed him the mail with his name.   Thank you Traci for making his day!
Since I am crafting items and needed a space to write, I cleaned off and organized my desk.  I owe a letter out this week.  So this is where I am heading off to write and send ...miles of smiles!
Do you have a pen pal?

Finally more Goodwill Fashion

Yes, it's been for.ev.ah.  I know!  I have terrible lighting inside and it's dark by the time I get home, so photos are snapped in restrooms, mainly at work.  Which aren't really the 'best'.  You've been warned!
Let's go casual.  I absolutely LOVE this pullover sweater vest find.  It's comfy and warm, without being heavy.  Perfect over a sale priced Target T, paired with a Target scarf that was a Christmas gift from my little Bear.  Jeans are also thrifted.  Check out that bright funky purse!  Yep, another Goodwill discovery.
It's time for work Ladies!  And my favorite outfit of this post:
This newly found thrifted pale green cover up is so soft, but really thin.  Perfect for the days when Mother Nature decided to hand Georgia a warmer Winter day.  Tossed on over a long sleeve Target T again and add a chevron infinity scarf (from Rue 21 last year on sale).  I'm also wearing new to me grey slacks from Goodwill. Plus a haircut!
Not the best photo, but I LOVE this thick soft Liz cardigan I picked up from Goodwill.  The scarf was a clearance find after the holidays at Khols.  The blue shirt and black slacks...you guessed it - Goodwill.
Do you carry different purses for work and play?  I found the perfect work purse recently from the G store (that would be blogger change up wording for Goodwill).
Don't know if it's a big brand or not.  Doesn't matter to me, for $4 it's great for work for as long as it lasts.
I tried layering 2 blouses with the printed underneath.  It was fun to try, so was trying 2 necklaces.  Total thrifted outfit. - Navy slacks, Navy belt, both blouses.

That is some of What I've worn lately!

pleated poppy

Easy LOVE Banner

Are you ready for the day of Love?  Valentines?  It will be here in 10 days!  There is still time to whip up a little love for your home.
For my farm house mantel, I kept many of my Christmas items (candles and glass jars with red balls).  I pulled other things from around the house: a couple of red books I purchased from Goodwill and the little red pitcher that I believe I picked up at Dollar General a few years ago.  Plus my clearance find heart ornament from Target that I picked up for 10 cents!  I wanted a little bit more.

Then I whipped out my old scrapbook supplies and paper lunch bags to make my little love banner.
 I cut the bottom off each bag.  The cut them in half length wise.  The little red hearts were hand cut from a nice piece of thick cardstock.
I inked the edges of the hearts and stamped the other letters on with foam stamps.  A bit of twine, a little hot glue and it's complete.  I might have made more than one.
I LOVE it!  Seriously.  Plus it was so very simple.  Like I have always said, it doesn't have to cost a pretty penny to be beautiful.
Do you decorate for Valentines? 
I don't go all out, in fact, the above is it.  Besides, I think I can leave this up somewhere in the house after I take it off the mantel.
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Wow, it's 2013 already!

Where have the days gone?!  I really enjoyed a little over two weeks off from work to relax and soak in our holidays.  Really hating that saying that all good things must come to an end, because it was back to work on January 2nd.  

Don't misunderstand me, I am ever so grateful I have a job and a job that I enjoy.  We've started the new semester at the University, but before classes began this week; I was standing on this stage giving a presentation to over 350 new incoming students.
Every first few days of semesters are whirlwind busy, like battling a tornado in a corner.  Yet, there is something very satisfying to watch today's youth chase their educational dreams.

I've been posting some of my Goodwill outfits over on Design to Shine's Facebook page.  Watch soon for a post of recent finds and outfits I've thrown together in a mad morning rush.  Plus I am hoping to do a few posts on building a solid thrift wardrobe!  Is that something anyone would be interested in reading?

No written resolutions for me this year, although I have a few tucked in my brain.  ;-)

I signed up for a Valentine mug swap via snail mail.  Exciting!  Who doesn't like a fun package in the mail?!
You fill out a very short survey, provide your information and then swap!  Can you believe when asked what type candy I like it took FOREVER for me to decide? It's not that I am really *that* picky, it's just that I don't really purchase a lot of candy.  My favorite mini candy treat are the individually wrapped small Reese's peanut butter cups.  Just the right size and not too much.  I keep them in the frig occasionally and have them for cravings.  Other than that my only other sweet treat favorites are usually chocolate chip cookies, homemade fresh pound cake and banana pudding.  LOL  Can you imagine shipping banana pudding in the mail?  Just made myself laugh.

When asked where I like to shop, uh THRIFT!  Although I don't think that is exactly what the organizers meant.

If you would like to join the swap, you still have time.  Check out the details at Sew Caroline or Rags to Stitches.

How is 2013 treating you?

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