My Week in Photos {InstaFriday}

Each Friday I share my InstaGram iPhone photos.  Here's a peek into what's going on down on the Farm:
Have you ever seen a tiny Quail egg?  Me either until we picked up 100 of them this past Saturday.  We have them in the incubator and should have itty bitty bitties in about 21 or so days.  When we drove up to the seller's farm, we were greeted by a beautiful blue
peacock.  Made us miss when we had them on the farm.  He followed us around like a puppy.
I'm hooked on this.  It totally qualifies for dinner right?
Gray beard and snow ball in bloom.  We are still enjoying beautiful warm weather!
Sometimes you just gotta have fast food.  My 'picnic' lunch in my car this week at work.
DQ in case you are wondering and I skipped ice cream. :(
Amazing sunset, breakfast for dinner, sipping coffee on the porch.  Priceless.
Sometimes I sneak into a retail store to see current trends to look for while thrift shopping.  These caught my eye and I am really wanting one.  BAD.
Our country church had their egg hunt Wednesday evening because next week is spring break for the area schools.  Bear enjoyed it and found a bucket full!
Painted toes, thrifted sandals, 80 degrees this week.  I think we skipped Spring all together and are moving right into summer.
For those that have followed my photos of the first turkey we raised (we now have 3 more chicks that are a week old).  Here he is via InstaGram in mid-January.
He is really growing!  We call him 'Little Tom', even though I am not sure yet if he is a Tom or a Hen.  Ha!  I snapped this one with my regular camera, but I just had to share.  Not sure if I will get the opportunity to snap him with my phone.
He now lives in the barn with the chickens.  
My user name on InstaGram is Sherri9, if you would like to follow along in the adventure. 
Hope you have enjoyed this week in review via photos!  I love spring with it's babies and blooms.  Any one want baby quails in a few weeks???  I'm still not sure what the Farmer plans to do with 100 of them!
life rearranged


  1. Hi Sherri! That peacock is such a brilliant blue. I am now following you on Instagram and I look forward to seeing photos of little baby quails. I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! I will look for you on IG too. It will be a few weeks before the babies hatch, but I am excited. :-)

  2. Hi Sherri, Great photos once again. Love all the animals and your little guy. Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Thanks! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  3. I love your breakfast for dinner image!! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Sounds like a hectic week. I've had pretty slim pickins myself this week at the thrift stores, I only found two things! You look great as usual. I'm wondering how you do it all - work, farm, blog...amazing!


  6. I NEED one of those bracelets too.......where did you see them?

    1. Belk's. I really need to go back and pick one up.


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