Slim Pickins Thrift Wear

Slim pickins this week ladies.  My intern (read: photographer) was on Spring Break.  Then Bear tossed his cookies at the daycare.  He and I spent two days couped up in the house because of a 24 hour 'rule'.  Although the child was bouncing off the walls and didn't throw up again.  There wasn't anything wrong, he didn't have a virus or a bug or anything except the energy of a 4 year old.  Match that with my energy and you have madness.  Which is a formula for the nut house.  Here is what I was wearing before I received the call to pick him up:
Thursday - Work and pick up Bear
Navy blue pleated skirt - Salvation Army, 99 cents
Light Blue Banana Republic button up - Goodwill
Scarf - Salvation Army
Leather belt - Goodwill
Bracelet - gift from Mom
Sandals - Target
Friday, Saturday and Sunday are a blur.  Friday, I was home with a 4 year old, pouring rain and intermittent satellite service; resulting in hours of Scooby Doo via a CD.  Saturday, I did head out to one of my favorite Goodwill stores; tried on a buggy (cart for you Northerners) load of stuff to come home with 3 items.  Bummer.  Sunday was church, dinner with family, laundry, visit from my oldest and other family stopping by to gawk at the newly hatched baby turkeys.  We have 3 that hatched out mid-week.
Monday - Work
This is what type outfit you end up with when you fail to plan ahead:
Total thrift outfit; without much imagination and for some reason I look 2 feet tall.
Lime green polka dot blouse by Coldwater Creek - Goodwill; extra points for the lime green!
Black Old Navy dress slacks - Salvation Army
Black belt (new) - Salvation Army
Sandals, Kim Rogers -  Goodwill    
The belt is in it's last hole, but I don't mind it being loose.
Necklace - Goodwill (this past weekend)
This shirt is ULTRA comfy.  Slinky like pj's on.
I will see if I can do a bit better on getting photos for next week gals! This is all I have for this week. 
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  1. Hey, at least with everything going on, you still look clean! And, you haven't worn the same outfit two days in a row, so, I would say you are doing rather well, lol!

    1. I confess, I showered daily; but I may or may not have stayed in my pajamas one day. ;-)

  2. Sherri, You are beautiful dresses as always, but the bright green is a terrific color on you.

  3. You look great, makes me want to check out our thrift store in town. I never seem to have any luck though. My boy has been sent home sick before when he wasn't sick. He once got sick at lunch because he didn't like the cafeteria lunch spit up his carrots, and they sent him home. He was fine, just a picky eater with an easy gag reflex. My boys are always bouncing off the walls, I can relate to the madness.

    1. I think Bear's in sinus. He only does it in the mornings and just once. Two weeks in a row they have called us to pick him up; for him to be perfectly A-ok. Go thrift shopping! The hunt is FUN.

  4. Hope everyone is well in the house now! That green looks so pretty and fresh on you! :)

  5. Ugh, that is a tough one but get used to it -- schools have the same rule about cookie-tossing! I love the lime green shirt!

  6. I LOVE that skirt, what a great find!!!!

  7. When my daughter was first in daycare she was once sick for three weeks on and off. I kept having to go get her and bring her home and then stay home another 24 hours or more. Then, my husband would take time off. And then back to me. Luckily kids build resistance later on!

  8. I remember that lime green blouse from the Coldwater Creek catalog and wanted it but did not end up buying it. I still love it and hope one may have found its way to my GW store in Bel Air, MD! The color looks super on you too!


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