A Plan to Write for 2012

For the last two weeks, I've had a holiday break from my job at a local University.
More time to blog, read your blogs, check out the weekly linky parties for inspiration and pin a ton of ideas. I also had time to actually plan fun activities with Bear, hang out with family and friends.  All of this made me think I just need to DO IT.  MAKE the time, TAKE the time to do more this year of what I enjoy.
Then while browsing Facebook, I saw where a blogger had advance written several posts.  It gave me an idea.  I plan to set aside time each weekend to write at least 3 blog posts for the next week.  I already have two written and scheduled to post for this week.  Yeah me!  I'm not limiting myself to the three.  However, I am going to write three each week.  Hopefully this will allow me to share what is near and dear to me; along with time during the week to browse your blogs, read and comment.  
Here's what you can expect this year on Design to Shine:
Monday - Menu planning and/or recipes to share
Tuesday - Thrifty Thoughts - craft projects, tablescapes, decor, tips and more
Wednesday - more Goodwill Glamorous (fashions and finds)
Friday - InstaGram Friday - a look into my life, my world, my week; via photos from my new iPhone 
There will still be posts about Bear, farm life and other stuff tossed in.  
I hope you will join me as I write on a fresh blank page for the New Year and for my blog.


  1. Isn't it nice to breathe and have some time on your hands...get some rest and get some blog visiting in...Happy New Year

  2. Hey, This past year I was a terrible blogger and I also decided to make more time this year. Great idea to write in advance. Take Care :)


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