Merry Country Christmas!

As we simply celebrate today with family and loved ones; I want to wish each and everyone of you far and wide a magical Merry Country Christmas from our Farm to your Home. 
(my three - my daughter, my oldest son and our new addition, my nephew, who I have permanent custody and is now our 'youngest' babe).
It has been a very magical and exciting season for us all, as we have enjoyed having Bear as a new addition to our family.  He is a delightful child, amazed by all the wonders he hasn't had the opportunity to experience in such a manner before this year.
There has been a whirlwind of activities building up to the big day:
Our 'Elf on the Shelf' arrived December 1st to Bear's delight and kept us on our toes all month
with frolics and play.  You can read about 'Sam' and his adventures in my two previous posts of Elf on the Shelf Fun part 1 and part 2.
We attended the local Christmas Parade where we saw Santa!
and enjoyed rides to see the lights.
Bear had a fun play date making his own gingerbread house.
We made Christmas crafts:
Snow globes with 'magic' no melt snow.
Ornament, made at 'school' which is really daycare, but don't tell Bear.
and tiny trees.
We've read Christmas stories, attended family gatherings, sang carols and even received a special video from Santa himself!
Today we enjoy staying home wrapped up in the love of family.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

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