Elf on the Shelf FUN ideas

Our 'Elf on the Shelf' arrived December 1st.  
Booger Bear was excited to hear the story of our elf; then promptly named him Sam.
After a couple of days, we noticed he now calls him Mister Sam.  
Bear's been learning about 'manners' at school. ;-)
Here are a few photos of what Mr. Sam has been up to each morning.
Mr. Sam high-jacked one of Booger Bear's truck to haul a load of 'fake' snow.
Since Booger Bear heads to the kitchen every morning, Mr. Sam did a bit of rolling on the kitchen curtain.
Mr. Sam crash landed into the tacky we need to replace it light.
Santa and Mr. Sam went fishing together. Sam's pole is a stick and twine. (Someone was running around after this idea came to mind with a flashlight in the backyard trying to find a twig IN the rain! I'm sure that person gets extra points right?)   His 'seat' is my real cut wood homemade candles from last Christmas season.
Mr. Sam likes the cold, so he hung out in the frig to give Bear his morning juice box.
Booger Bear was thrilled to wake up Saturday morning and find Mr. Sam had brought him a special treat.
Mr. Sam even brought my 'grown' 20 year old daughter a HUGE coloring book.
Both books had elves on the front of them too!  (I spotted them in our local Dollar Tree, if anyone might be in need of one *wink*).
We've had so much fun with Mr. Sam.  He has been a welcome joy during a nerve wracking few weeks.
(We had to attend a custody hearing again on Dec 8th for Booger Bear.  It was a stressful extremely long day of 14 hours in a courtroom - fact.  Maybe I will blog about it one day. Suffice to say, I was awarded permanent custody.)
Friday afternoon, Bear came home from 'school' (daycare) to find a 7 ft Santa in the yard.
He was excited and the first thing he said?  Mr. Sam brought me a Santa!
That elf gets credit for everything.  Ugh! ;-)
An alum from high school commented on my Facebook page that she wished Elf on the Shelf was around when her girls were little.  I responded that I get to have this fun a second time around with Bear!
Does your family have an Elf on the Shelf?
I would LOVE to hear your ideas for Mr. Sam.
I will share more photos of Mr. Sam and would love to mention your idea in my post!
For tons of Elf on the Shelf ideas visit Come Together Kids Elf Linky party.


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