I created a New Blog!

For months my heart has ached over not having the time to share new projects (heck or even DO new projects), post my Goodwill Fashion finds (yes I'm still wearing clothes daily, most of them come from Thrifting), my meal planning/cooking (yep, still planning and cooking) or just some of our family adventures.

Because of this I started a new blog!  Yep, call me crazy; you wouldn't be the first person and won't be the last.  ;-)

I missed you all.  I still have the desire to connect with each of the wonderful ladies (and a few gents) I've met in my blogging journey.   I've still be reading and lurking around your blogs.

My life has changed dramatically:  trying to get in the groove of being a 'mom' again to an almost 4 year old, changing up job responsibilities at work (I'm the new Social Media Marketing and Customer Relations uh, person for our department at the U), adding an additional room to the house (a home office.  I'm typing from it now) and just busy life 'stuff'.

So to celebrate my shift in life, I'm starting a new blog without all the pressure of living up to the blog I created here.  Make sense?  I'm heading off in a new direction and hope to still share DIY projects (Booger Bear and I created a Fall mantle this week!), menu planning, Goodwill fashions and family adventures.  However, something inside just kept begging for me to start fresh and in a different direction.  Maybe it will satisfy this ache in my heart to 'do' something.  And ....

What I really really want to do is plant seeds of happiness, inspiration and compassion over on my new blog:

I hope you will join along in my new journey, because you've been so important to me in this one!


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