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I love reading, but let's face it is extremely busy, books are expensive and bulky.  At a time when I am trying to live simply, de-clutter and enjoy the entire 'less is more' attitude; I rarely found time to read.  As the weather warmed up and we were spending time by the pool, I missed diving into the world of escape while reading someone else's story.  Trust me when I tell you...I need the escape in my life right now.  I'd be happy to share the details, however I should probably write a book about it or you would think my extended family needs to apply for a Jerry Springer episode.

Did you know you do not have to OWN a Kindle in order to download ebooks from Amazon?  Maybe some of you did, but I didn't until several weeks ago.  I stumbled across the free Kindle for PC app at Amazon.
 My cheap frugal self couldn't believe I hadn't read it on a blog or heard about this already.  Have I been living in a cave?! I quickly downloaded a free Kindle to my laptop, then I went over to Amazon and found myself several free ebooks to read.
Some of these books may or may not still be listed as free!  I have found out that Publishers list various books at different times as free ebooks.   Since none of the above authors are familiar, I did read the reviews and/or book description before 'one clicking' them on Amazon.  The great part about the free ebook listing...books from every genre.  Above includes a historical, plus regular and Christian Romance novels that I have recently added to my collection.  Yes, collection, as in more than these, as in... I need a month at the beach to finish what I have downloaded for free.

On the Amazon Kindle discussion board there is a wonderful lady who researches the free ebooks daily and posts them in the forum.  Everyday I zip over and check for the free book posting by  Happy Reader "Joyce".   This week there was an entire series posted as free ebooks.  Wasn't my thing, but several readers were thrilled at the offering.  The daily freebies offer up everything from cookbooks, short stories, business, self help and tons more.  Or if you are on Facebook, there is a Free Books for Kindle page that also posts free ebooks.
Lugging the laptop poolside isn't really as easy as a paperback, but downloading the Kindle for PC did give me the opportunity to try out kindle at no charge.  Imagine my surprise and appreciation when I was given the gift of a REAL Kindle!  What about all the books I had downloaded free to my pc kindle app?  They transfered over to the real kindle.  Easy Peasy!  

The best part of discovering the free app?  My summer reading list is long and all the books were totally FREE!   
Am I the last one to know?  Really?  
***DISCLAIMER:  I was not paid or compensated for this post in any shape, form or fashion.  Just passing along information because I love sharing freebies!  All photos belong to


  1. Congrats! I bought myself a Kindle for Christmas last year and I love it! Wish I coulda got it for free but oh well. One day I think they will let us share some books, so that would be neat too. Love the blog! Carol

  2. I can't wait to get a Kindle. I have the app for my Droid and on my laptop. It sucks my phone battery life but at least I have it for emergencies. I love Love LOVE that it syncs to the last page read on any device. So if I read on my phone, when I open the app on my laptop, it goes to the last page read on my phone.

  3. No, you are not the last to know, because I had no idea about this app! That is so cool. I actually got a Nook just this weekend as a gift (totally not expecting it), so I'm pretty excited to start reading books for fun again!

    Congrats on your new gift too :)

  4. Blogging or reading - in my life right now it appears to be one or the other ;)

  5. If you have a smartphone like iPhone you can also download the Kindle app to it! I always have my books with me on my phone. I even use my phone's Bible in church rather than carry my old one c


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