Feeling Frazzled?

5 days left til Christmas!
Are you feeling a bit frazzled?  Trying to get it ALL done?
Well, let's not get our tinsel in a tangle!
Do less, enjoy more.
Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the little moments.
Because those you hold dear may not remember the gift you give, but they will remember HOW you made them feel.
Yesterday we had the first of our Christmas dinners.
I spent time with wonderful family and friends, along with eating way too much delicious food.
And this teenager....
My beautiful baby girl.  Who is now 19.
The moments pass by so quickly.
I want to enjoy them.  Even if it means slowing down and allowing the laundry to wait another day.
The spirit of Christmas is alive in the eyes of a child.
So we picked up my 3 year old nephew for an impromptu spend the night 'party'.
When I 'should' be finishing up some gifts I am making, wrapping and baking.
Who could resist this instead?
We ate leftovers; then snuggled up in the bed to watch cartoons.
Slept in.
Oh that on his hand? Fingernail polish compliments of his older sister.
This evening after we dropped off our bundle of energy; I did finish 3 loads of laundry, whipped out two snacks for the office tomorrow....Chex Muddy Buddies and pinwheels,
plus I cranked out 5 quick and easy gifts for my co-workers.
All done without feeling the stress!
I still have gifts to wrap, a few to craft and a cake to bake...but there is still time.
How are you feeling with 5 days left til Christmas?
Is your tinsel all tangled?


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