Thanksgiving Week Menu

A week full of family, thankfulness and food!
A new dessert and old faithful recipes in the mix for the big day.
The lunch menu:
Maple Brown Sugar Ham (slow cooker)*
Potato Salad
Deviled Eggs
Sweet potato souffle (Mom's recipe)
Green beans
Desserts, which includes a Chocolate Trifle,* I am making.
Photo from All Recipes
The * items are what we will be cooking up!
Then there will be dinner at my niece's home.
I am taking potato salad and pistachio salad.
The new recipe last week, Garlic Chicken Pasta with sun dried tomatoes was a simple recipe that packed tasty results.
I made mine without green onions. I do not like them. ;-)
Also, I followed the recipe on garlic and it would have been better with a bit more; otherwise this was a satisfying meal.  It will be on the menu rotation.
We are eating lite this week until Thursday for obvious reasons and because I am off from work.
Monday - Dinner Out
Tuesday - Breakfast (we will be making up dressing, so a few extra biscuits with eggs for dinner)
Wednesday - Baked Potato Soup (crock pot)
Thursday - 2 Thanksgiving meals!
Friday - Lots of leftovers
What's on YOUR Thanksgiving menu?


  1. Great eats! The trifle looks fantastic! I so want a bite!

  2. Your menu sounds delicious and I am seriously thinking of making that trifle. I have a bowl I have never used!! Thanks so much, Sherri!



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