Homemade Holiday Gift ideas

I was featured by sweet Robin at...!
All Things Heart and Home
when I linked up my post from last Holiday season on homemade gifts.

I do plan on making a few gifts this year and hopefully will be sharing them over the next few weeks.
Most will be small, simple and most important this year...frugal!
One of the items I made last year was a HUGE hit and will make a repeat appearance on this years gift giving list.
In case you want to whip some up yourself, here is a quick 'review'.
Silky luxurious lotion on a dollar store budget.
You can see the full tutorial and 'secret' recipe HERE.
Are you making gifts? or have a favorite homemade one?
Please share in a comment and I will stop by to check EACH one out. :-)


  1. I followed your link, Sherri...the lotion looks like such a sweet gift. Did your co~workers like it? Have any more good ideas up your sleeve?


  2. I can't wait to see what frugal gift ideas you come up with this year! Everyone LOVED your last years brilliance!
    love to you~

  3. Hi Sherri!

    I've been on a blogging break but I am back and I can see - just in time.

    I can't wait to see your suggestions on this year's frugal gifts. I hope to be making your lotion very soon!

    The sweet-n-salty treat... what can I say? Who would have thunk? Brilliant!


  4. Homemade gifts are awesome... it's great when people take the time to actually make gifts for others. Saw your $20 Tree... looked great! So cool how you went pine cone pickin'!! Can't believe you got on that thing! :)


Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog! I appreciate and read every comment. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! ~Sherri~

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