Purse Passion

I have a weakness.
Purse passion.
Apparently this has just taken hold of me!
I used to tote carry around a handbag for.ever.
My poor purse would be in threads and I was lucky if my mom took pity on me therefore gifting me a new one on my birthday.
Now I see a classy NAME BRAND purse and I just HAVE to have it!
Why in the last three months alone I've purchased FIVE new ones for myself!
AND one for my teen daughter too.
Can you say obsessed?
I mean I can't possibly carry around 5 purses.
Before you go all wondering about me, I will let you in on my secret.
Goodwill hunting.
  My first find was this Coldwater Creek for $2.99
It still had the plastic fillers in it.  I love the long strap and outside pocket to drop my keys into.
I carried it to work and showed my pretty off to all the girls.
They have purse envy.
Right before Valentines I scored this red hot little number.
Laura Ashley ~ $2.99
The very next week I hit the Mother Load when I found THIS:
Take a closer look.
Yep Ladies, Prada! SQUEAL!
A classy little black dress up bag for $4.97
Now I know it could be a knock off, but who's telling?
This petite no name said 'take me home'.
It looks as if it has never been used.
I loved all the extra little outside pockets.
Might end up as a gift for a teen.
And at $1.50 (color of the week price), you can't beat that!

My current gal of choice is this Nine West
She is a beautiful classy color! AND has two zipped openings on the top.
I have to admit I did splurge a bit for this one.
I am blaming giving credit to Jen at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam for her Frugal Fashionista ways.
When I first haunted the Goodwill stores I passed by everything except home decor and dishes.
I was a Goodwill snob.
Passing on the clothes and accessories.
Then I read Jen's posts about all of her fashion finds.
Well I just had to see if I could make some scores!
Purses aren't the only thing I've found.
My work wardrobe is styling some new name brand fashions too.
I will save those for another sunny day and good photos.
All of these purses have a classic look.
I'm tickled pink that some other lady decided she no longer needed each one.
The one I purchased for my daughter is a lime green chunky thing.
Makes a bold teen statement! ;-)
Name brand - Enzo Angiolini, which resales on ebay for an average of $45.00!
My price?  $9.97, looking brand new!
So do you stop for clothes and accessories while dashing to the home decor isle at the thrift stores?
You never know what you may find with a second glance in your Goodwill.
Maybe you will be sporting a new  classy number to match an Easter outfit!
If so be sure to let me know !
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  1. I too am a purse gal. I can't buy shoes so I go for purses. I just recently started looking for them at Value Village and Goodwill.(I was also a Goodwill snob..but not any more) Your bags are great finds. My latest purchase was a spring bag that I have gotten many compliments on. It was brand new at GW only $2.99. Happy Shopping!!

  2. J'adore that lime green bag!!! Major cuteness. :) Thanks for the visit. :)

  3. A girl just has to have a purse to match each outfit!
    Happy goodwill hunting - that's where I find a lot of mine.

  4. I have a hard time leaving alone cute purses at the Goodwill too. Like shoes, I have about a million black ones. My daughter has to tell me no! Very cute finds - I adore teh green one. I have a cell phone case the same color!

  5. What beautiful bags you have there! And goodness you can not beat the prices! I am loving that green purse!! Plus your Nine West, both are perfect for spring! I wish we had a better thrift store in the area. Believe me, I would shop there a whole lot more. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Trish

  6. Wow! Lucky you! Great bags and just think, if you totaled up your purchase amounts, it would still be less than a purse you'd find on sale at a major retailer!

  7. Gotta love finding beautiful purses at great prices!

  8. Most of my current purses have come from Goodwill or yard sales. Prada at Goodwill, you gotta LOVE that. I was in there one day and scored a cute little red Kate Spade purse. It was marked at $2.67 and I got it for half price b/c it was the color of the week.

    Thanks for the visit! Come on by anytime.

  9. Oh my goodness if my Goodwill had a Prada purse in, it would be locked behind a glass door and waiting the auction on Saturday afternoons! Seriously, anything good comes through the door you better line up and bid... which I never do, I prefer to just browse and see what I can find!
    I love all your purses btw ;-)

  10. I always check the handbag section. So far I haven't found a thing. I also check the clothes, I have only found a few things. If I was a size 8, it'd be a different story. haha

    Love all the purses you've found. :)

  11. Great finds on the purses! I too have scored some great ones at yardsales many times. Jen & I are thrifting girls together & it has been fun sharing our passion about frugal fashion together. Thanks for joining the party.

  12. My daughter found a darling, Brighton, purse for me not too long ago...Great finds!!!

    I've got you entered in my giveaway, girl, two times!

  13. Perfect post I too love thrift stores for clothes and handbags, mine even has "new" shoes. Gotta love that. I sure enjoyed your post I will have to explore a little more here. Thanks for sharing Hugs, Diane

  14. I've tried to find a designer purse at Goodwill but no luck yet. I did find a Dooney & Burke purse at a rummage for $3...isn't it something how this can make our day, or maybe the week all bearable?!? :)

  15. Those are some great finds! Our goodwill never has good stuff. :(

    thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my "stuff" I got lately.

  16. I was at the thrift store today and found a summer purse, Liz Claborne and it looks brand new!!!and it was 4.98...
    Thanks for visiting me! When I go to the thrift store, I shop all the areas, except clothes for myself. Just don't have the time or energy to try on clothes there.
    Deb :)

  17. I luv purses too...GW and yard sales are my favorites places to add to my collection! Come by and join all the fun at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY...hope to see you there:)


  18. I'm not into purses, think I have two, but I adore yours. Perhaps it means you're going to draw large amounts of money your way!! ♥

  19. I love purses, too. What great finds you have!! Thanks for stopping by my post!

  20. You got yourself some deals on the purses. My 25 yr. old daughter would just die to have some of those purses you got! She is soooo into purses. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.It made my day! Be blessed. Cindy

  21. I'm having purse envy. Who would have given those up? Great finds.

  22. Purses are my vice. I'd have kept the green one for myself, you are a nice Momma:)

  23. Hi,
    I am having a Easter Candy Cup Giveaway.
    Stop on by for a chance to win!
    Join the Fun

    Hugs, Diane

  24. Wow! Those are amazing finds...they are all beautiful!

  25. Yep, I think you hit the motherload all right! Way to go girl! I don't think I even have a favorite of your new purses. I love them all!

    I've not bought many clothes while thrifting, maybe I need to start looking harder!

  26. I'm very picky when it comes to purses/handbags, and I do have an obsession with them too.

    You've found many great ones, and I'm sure it won't be easy for me to walk away from them either!

  27. Awesome handbag finds!!! I, too, loooove purses. I found a D&G bag at Goodwill several weeks ago for $7 - score!!! I'm attaching the link to the blog post where I bragged about it - ha! Like your blog!


  28. I'm so happy to see you at my PAR-tay...thanks so much for coming and I hope to see you again:)


  29. I love this post! I'm writing about antique and thrift shopping for my town, and this is just the sort of thing they love to see! Your purses are lovely -- I especially like the green one!

  30. Those are some cute purses and you got them for great prices!!!

  31. I love purses too! I have too many (over 30) and really need to purge. I can never find anything at GoodWill though. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  32. Love that green bag, so bright and cheery. Great finds.


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