Leftovers! Yes? or No?

Does your family eat leftovers?
I have friends that state they won't eat leftovers.  That it doesn't taste right; this that or the other, reason.
For real?!?
I LOVE leftovers!
Tonight's dinner was leftover pintos.  Just added fresh baked cornbread and tater salad.
There isn't much that we do not eat in the way of leftovers.
Mashed potatoes are not really that great leftover; add a little more milk and butter, they will pass.
Another 'dish' that I have learned to 'doctor' up on reheat is mac n cheese. 
Add little dabs of butter before zapping it in the microwave.
Did I hear a few moans?  ;-)
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Do you do leftovers?
Yes or No ?
Is there something you absolutely will not eat left over?
So comment and let me know.

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  1. Nothing better than beans and cornbread!

    We like leftover mashed potatoes made into potato pancakes--add onion, egg, and flour, then fry. Yum!

  2. Betsy,
    My mom ALWAYS made those from leftover potatoes! Found childhood memory.

  3. I LOVE leftover ANYTHING!!! Seems like a lot of things get a lot more flavor when they are "leftovers"....YUM

  4. I always eat leftovers and it bugs me when other people in the family won't! Sometimes there's so much food left and then I have to eat it for the next week to get rid of all of it! The only thing I won't eat leftover is Kraft mac & cheese. Why? Not sure...I guess I tried it once as a kid and it always looks gross when it's left over : )

  5. I love leftovers - though hubby isn't too keen :o(
    Love leftover Sunday roast and veg as 'bubble and squeak'!

  6. Yes! We love left-overs. Thank you for the suggestions on my blog (re: menu planning). They sure will come in handy... I read thru most of your blog last night - it was so interesting (and inspiring!). Thank you.

  7. I love leftovers - my family doesn't. LOL


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