Hello Spring!

I've been waiting on you!
 It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Georgia, welcoming Spring.
So I decided my porch needed a little Spring-ness.
A trip to Home Depot for a $5 hanging basket of pansies.
To finally change out the basket of huge pinecones that had occupied my bench since before Christmas.
Yes I really have left that there the entire time!
I removed the hanger from the pot so my pansies could sit in the basket.
Found a baby lap quilt my mom made for those still chilly mornings and evenings.
Just in case I actually SIT on my porch bench.
I love my bench.  It was inspired by a post seen over at NewlyWoodwards.
I wanted something cute for my tiny I wish I had a porch.
So a friend of mine constructed it from a photo with $40 worth of wood and a can of paint.
Just the right touch of charm.
Hope the pansy basket makes it for a bit.
I do not have a green thumb!
Now I have a touch of Spring to welcome me home.
 What color is your thumb???
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  1. So glad it's finally warmed up for you! The porch looks adorable... a blanket is just perfect for chilly nights.

  2. Looks perfect up against your blue home. Very inviting! Yay for Spring!

  3. I love the quilt on the bench. My hubby make me a bench just like this one last year. I love it. I bring it in for the winter, but it's about time I put it out again.

  4. Kim! It was YOUR bench that inspired mine. I've updated my post with a link in to yours. I couldn't remember bc I had snapped a pic with my camera phone and sent it to my friend that is handy with big tools. LOL

  5. I love spring and your bench is too cute with the flowers (I liked the pine cones too). You're making me dream of Spring while I am watching the sky spit snow, here in North Georgia, sooo not fair, where is my warm weather. Thanks for linking up to Kellie's Spring Fling so I could dream of Spring for a moment.

    Cha Cha

  6. That is so cute, it looks like a nice little place to sit and enjoy the sunshine!

  7. if you only knew how much i love to be front porch sittin'!!!

    this looks dreamy! i too, love the white & blue contrast. we have spits of snow as well - later this week i will be doing the same. sprucing up my front porch! can't wait.

    thank you so much for linking up! if only we all could gather around the front porch & meet each other.


  8. Simple changes make all the difference, this looks so pretty. I love your bench :)

  9. I love what you did on your porch... the pansies are so cheeful!

    have a great day!

  10. Oh, I wish I had a big enough front porch for a cute bench like yours! So sweet with the quilt and yellow pansies. Pansies are one of my favorite little flowers. Happy Spring!

  11. I love your bench too. Perfect for the porch, so cute!

  12. Every porch needs a place to park yourself on. I love your $40 bench. Great job. I am new to your blog via Blessed Nest but will be returning.


  13. Coming over from My Backyard Eden. Your photos make me so happy! Spring is here - yay! New follower!

  14. Yea for Spring! Your porch looks ready for Spring. I love the pansies and the quilt looks very inviting!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours Day at My Backyard Eden. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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