I am in a funk and got a funk...

Yesterday morning I began sneezing constantly. How many times can I sneeze in a row? Try anywhere from six to a dozen. Catching a breath in between is difficult! I was on a sneezing frenzy! Not to mention amusing to co-workers.

I had a Dentist appointment yesterday afternoon. It was a scheduled appointment to fill a cavity. However, for a little over a week now my gums have been very sensitive and bleeding a lot. This occasionally happens when I brush due to crowns on two different teeth. But this crap was happening just out of the blue (or should I say red? ewwwwwwwwww).

Well it seems there is a reason for it. The Dentist looked in my mouth and said..."What are you so stressed out about?". Who me? I try to keep a positive outlook! But even I have noticed that I've been 'out of sorts' since the holidays. Maybe it was all the rush of hosting Thanksgiving, making Christmas gifts, baking and then taking a week long vacation to Illinois over my Holiday break from the U. Then coming back into work romping up a new semester with the work load being pretty break neck for the first couple of weeks in January. Add in keeping up with a teenage daughter who is constantly on the go, or having friends over to the house. Laundry, groceries, bills, car issues, work issues.... Ahhh I'm beginning to get the picture! My body is on overload. Mr Dentist also says, get you a good multi vitamin. Due to the fact that my gums have been bleeding much, like constantly almost for over a week...I have a lovely little infection that requires meds. I put off going to the Dentist about it because I knew I was going to the Dentist. Bright of me eh?

The nurse at the Dentist office deposited me back to the front counter lady to make another appointment at a later date for the filling, telling the receptionist that I wasn't getting my teeth done today because, "She's got a funk going on in her mouth". Exactly! Thankfully we all had a good laugh at my expense. Interrupted by continued sneezing. Here is your prescription, buy a special toothpaste, here's your dummy...I mean reminder card for your next appointment; your gums should feel better in about 48 hours.

So I pick up my drugs, legal of course. Then head off to Target to get a new brand of toothpaste and a truckload of kleenex ...actually I prefer Puffs with lotion.

I wake up today... ALL dizzy. I said DIZZY as in the room is spinning, not ditzy. Although a few might even consider me that too at times! Still feeling pretty crummy, so I did something I haven't done in a while. I called in sick to work. I have an 'excuse slip' from yesterday's dentist appointment about my 'funk'. I had them write on there that it was caused due to stress. Now I've never heard of such in my life. But then, I've had pretty healthy teeth with the occasional filling and a couple of crowns. That is it!

I've noticed not having the same energy as usual. I just chalked it up to holiday rush, work load, life and a bit of winter blues. Maybe my body is trying to tell me to rest up and be a little more loving of myself.

One of the huge things that relieves stress for me is working in my studio. I altered a mini purse 2 year calendar today to add to my One World One Heart goodie box. Here it is:

There is still time to sign up for the drawing! Go to my post with the One World One Heart logo (2 days ago) and leave a comment on THAT post.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. A lesson for myself today. Love yourself Much!

Another tidbit today that spoke loudly to me, I ran across while blog hopping around all of the great blogs on the One World One Heart giveaway; then crossing over through a blog to a blog to a blog. Needless to say I don't remember where I read it. But it is something I wanted to share and a reminder to my stressed out self.

You do enough.
You are enough.
You are loved.
Just as you are.

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