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So I decided this morning that I needed a 'pick me up'. At lunch I hit the Salvation Army, Goodwill Store and the Estate Sale/Consignment 'Junk' store in town. I found a cute long runner type rug for the kitchen at the Goodwill for $5.50. The Junk store was my last stop (what was I thinking!?!?!). Apparently the owner hit a HUGE Estate Sale this past weekend. I walked in and spotted these:
They weren't even priced yet! They are a tiny bit dirty, but still have every single piece of their hardware on them!!! Even the little hooks to close them. A complete set for 2 windows. I really only wanted one. As in one of the 4. I asked him how much. They were $2.88 each. Yep, from the photo you can see... I purchased all 4! Now I am trying to figure out exactly what I want to DO with them! Any suggestions? I spent about an hour over at the JunkMarket website, checking out ideas. I could actually put a set on my master bath windows. I could take a set apart and make a shelf to go in my Inspiration Studio. I could take a set, paint them black and put them in front of the fireplace I don't use. Ideas are just swirling around in my head! So like I said, suggestions are welcome!!!

I also wanted to share a Sunday find from Old Time Pottery. My new 'quilt' bedspread on the what I'm trying to make into a daybed/sitting sofa in my Inspiration Studio. I loved the colors! It has tan, white, a bit of yellow and different shades of blue and green. Cost on sale : $15.00. If you view my older posts (January 22nd), you can see that I was using my teen daughter's previous bedding...which worked; but was a tad LOUD for the room. I like the cottage feel to this one and it fits well in the room. Now just to find some more sale (err cheap) pillows to toss on it. I am using a sham that matches but would love to find two pretty blue ones to use instead. I have an extra pillow hidden behind the tan one in the photo. Oh and I found the little bear when cleaning out my daughters closet. His t-shirt has "Peace" on it. I decided I wanted to keep him!

As you may notice, I did a little blog makeover too. Found some really cute blog backgrounds at a free website: .

PSA: Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day. It is a campaign to wear red on February 6th in order to support the fight against heart disease in women. You can read all about it here: . My father passed away 13 years ago from heart disease; this is something that is near and dear to my heart. As the go red for women website states: A little color goes a long way! I'm not really big into wearing red. But I do have ONE red sweater. I will be wearing it tomorrow.

As an update to yesterday's post: I am feeling a tiny bit better today. Anything is an improvement I can assure you! So every little bit counts and is appreciated.

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts. ~Alan Cohen


  1. i saw a wonderful headboard project made of if i can just remember where i saw it, i'll come back and link you:) what a find!!!

  2. Love your shutters! You could use them to tuck photos and cards into. Or screw eye hooks or knobs into the side wood so you can hang stuff from them. Or remove 1/2 the slats and insert a message board, then use the other half for tucking photos & cards into.
    Great quilt for the daybed too. Your studio is really coming along!

  3. Sherri,
    Just ran accross this and thought of your shutters. Scroll about half way down to see what she did:


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