Tornado Warning!

As I pulled away from the U, at the end of the workday. Sirens were blaring once again. I knew we were under a tornado watch and the sound filling the air meant it had moved to a warning. My baby girl was home alone; 3 miles down the road. My phone rang, a friend of mine calling to say a funnel cloud had been spotted in a neighboring town...about 10 miles down the road, heading my way. In my car, I was one mile from home.

I pulled into the carport and my daughter was getting straw for the pup's house. I told her to leave it; we had to go to the neighbors basement now. "Oh you are just freaking out Mom, Geez!" NOW, I replied. Sometime it is just plain hard to remain calm and collected when storms do freak me out! It began to hail as we entered their basement garage.

The wind roared, the hail fell and the rain poured down. A few rattled nerves from myself and Miss Becky as she was waiting on her husband to arrive home from work; driving in the middle of the storm. Thankfully, we emerged safe to find quarter size and larger hail covering the ground, rain water running like a small creek, but no damage.

Photo from news, but was made locally today.

I have wonderful next door neighbors; the kind you can borrow a cup of sugar from when you run out. Or run to their basement in a storm. We've lived here for almost 14 years, their kids and mine have grown up together, played together, attended school together. Good people.

My son called after the first storm passed to tell me another was heading in our direction. As a small boy; I called him my little weatherman. He has always been fascinated with the weather, particularly storms. At 22 years old, I thought it was sweet that he called to check on me and his sister. But don't tell him I said that! Because it might mess with his 'billy bad butt' police image.

So we had a little storm 'excitement' this evening. It got me out of 'dinner duty'! All is safe and sound on the western side of Georgia. Well, mostly sound. How about going sound to sleep? Does that count?


  1. Oh I'm glad it wasn't a tornado! and everyone is safe! Look at your "little" man, so official and all!

  2. I'm happy you and your daughter are safe and sound! And with all the wicked weather the nation has been having... no wonder it freaks you out... Better safe then sorry I always say!

    Take care there...
    *Really Rainey

  3. oooooh scary. I'm glad you are all safe. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed my visit here. I'm going to add you to my "reader" so I can keep up with what you are doing. Janis

  4. I am glad you were alright and that there was no damage. I remember tornado warnings from when I lived in Texas.

  5. Wow! Here, we get tons of hail and high winds and nearby tornadoes, but usually in the summer. What's up with this weather?!

    Glad you're safe!

    It's so much fun to hear about what's going on in other places. Thanks for posting!


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