More Scott's finds! 2nd Time Around & 3 or more Tuesday

I am joining more carnival riding fun and sharing another of my 'finds' at the Scott's Antique Market on Saturday. Lots of stuff to LOVE there and here; at least I do! Hope you will enjoy it too.

Joining up with Diane from A Picture is worth a 1,000 Words for her 2nd Time Around Tuesday carnival ride and getting in three items of mine for Tam from Gypsy's Corner to include my Dad's old bottle collection and three items together in this photo which are all 2nd time 'arounds'.
Be sure to check out both of these ladies blogs for more Tuesday carnival fun!

Let the sharing begin!
I spotted this cute table in a booth Saturday. The lady of the booth was just delightful! I wrote down the information, how much and where she was located. We went on our merry way around the market. I came back and the table was still there. As soon as I walked up the lady said, "You came back for YOUR table." Ah, yes, must be mine, it was still there.
This table is made from an old aquarium stand and old wood by her husband. Very unique!

You can see my Dad's old bottle collection is sitting on the table. I have added one more larger bottle find to my 'collection' from a local antique mall (it is not pictured). I added a cake candle on top of a very old plate that I have had for years and one of the doilies, another 50 cent find at the local antique mall. One booth had a box of 'clearance' items! You can read about that adventure here .

If you are up for a ride, or pass through from Alabama to Georgia on I-20, you should check out the Atlanta West Antique Market. They are open 7 days a week! Back before Thanksgiving I made a trip there and found an old window with broken glass, which was fine with me because I wanted to hang it on my wall! Here are 3 more items grouped together, that are all 2nd time around treasures:
Located on the short wall of my living room, between the fireplace and the walk through to my kitchen/dining area are the old window frame, my 'new' makeover table and a churn given to me by my mom. It belonged to my grandmother.

I'm not sure the table has found it's final spot in my house. It is really a great size for any room! It could be used in a bathroom or the kitchen. If I leave it here I would really like one of those tall lamps with a tiny shade to sit on it. I just basically pulled a few items quickly to make photos. It's been a wild crazy first day back at the office along with the fact that I have moved that table from the living room to the kitchen and back to the living room. Just not sure where I want it or if I even like it under the window. Maybe it is because I see the plugs behind it? Or it needs SOMETHING??? Something tall? Something colorful? Something.

I love my old things and my great finds. The table was a good deal at $30.00, as a friend of mine saw just the aquarium stand in a junk store for a little over twenty dollars in poor shape. The window was a huge purchase at 5 bucks. Hope you have enjoyed the mini tour! I bet some of you will be on the hunt now for a stand to make your own cute little table.


  1. Hi Sherri - Awesome finds!! Funny how things are just suppose to go home with you. I had to laugh when I saw the window frame on your wall - I have one of those with eight panes on my family room wall. It still has the glass in and is a work in progress right now. I am working some pictures into it.

    From the other Sherri S!

  2. Happy 'Three Or More - Tuesday'. Thank you for participating. I Love going to antique markets and of course I LOVE the bottle collection. I collect old bottles as well and display them in my hallway on a small shelf. Wonderful blog entry.
    Have a wonderful evening,

  3. Hi Sherri,
    Love the table and old window frame!

    Thanks so much for linking to 2nd Time Around!

  4. Love the frame

    Happy Three or More Tuesday


  5. Sherri, I love your search for a table and your thoughts about where to place it. The thing that caught my attention the most is Scott's Antique Market. My sisters sell at the 2nd building and have been for years. I also sold antiques there for several years. My sister's are known as Bluebird Antiques and they set up back against the wall very close to the Greek food. Next to the bathrooms in the back. It is a small world.
    Next time you are there look them up. Most people in building 2 know them.


  6. These are great finds! Love the table and the frame--a great day for you finding treasures!

  7. Hi, Sherri ...

    I love the vignette you created with your table, window frame, bottles and churn. They go together beautifully and I know you enjoy having them where you can see them every day.

    I appreciate you stopping by my Southern Lagniappe blog. I'll be back to visit you again soon.



  8. Great finds. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kinds words. Hope you have a great week!

  9. My kind of shopping. I like your finds. Happy 3 of a kind and 2nd time around...

  10. Love this, Sherri! Very neat. Great finds!


    Sheila :-)

  11. Hi Sherri,
    I live in Metro Atlanta and never seem to get down to Scott's, although I used to love going! You found some great pieces! Great vignette and the I really like the churn. :-) Susan

  12. When I was first married, I bought an aquarium stand (I didn't know what it was for at the time)for almost nothing and had some glass cut to fit the top. I love yours with the weathered wood. Your window is great. I live in Atlanta. Maybe I'll have to get around to visiting the flea mkt. that you mentioned.

  13. Hi Sherri! I'm sorry you can't make it to the luncheon. :-( Maybe they will have another one on a Sat sometime. I hope so.

  14. Hi Sherri...I have the makings for that table out in my garage right now! My daughter moved out and won't come and get it. I might as well use it, because I'm sure it's mine now. lol Thanks for the idea!!...Debbie

  15. I'm new here! What a great blog :)

  16. What great finds. Love, love, love that old window!

  17. WHAT an awesomeidea.I am always so amazed at what us women come up with.Who knew?Fabulous table and fabulous price.i also love your dads bottles.What trreasures...Ann

  18. Great googly moogly, lurve the table! Now I have shopping fever. And I have no business shopping at all except maybe in my attic or shed. LOL

  19. Wow Sherri, you are really going to town on your house. Love the window! I can do so much with them, they call to me!

  20. Wow, I thought my old window was a deal at $10! Your table is cute, too. I want to try to participate in that Tuesday thing -- I'm going to have to remember that! Fun!

  21. So glad you stopped in at my blog,and that you were safe after the storms! Love your are one thrifty lady!

  22. I really like that corner! The table, the butter churn, the window frame on the wall.... fabulous! The doily on top of the table perfects it. I like the look of mixing old, rustic, and lacy things.

  23. I love your style and your unique items, makes me wish we lived closer and go bargain hunting together..of course - we'd need a BIG vehicle...:)

  24. My husband also collects old bottles, I read in a book that one way to make them stand out is to add some colored water to them.
    So I did, and have placed them on my mantle.
    It really does make them more eye appealing.
    Right now the bottles are filled with blue water for a wintery feel. For spring, I'll add either green or a bit of red for a pink look.


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