School Routines and Meal Planning

Two years ago, my daughter graduated High School and I thought those good ole school years were gone.  Over were the School Open House nights, Teacher Conferences, homework, forgetting lunch money and filling out TONS of paperwork.  Not to mention band practice, soccer practice, swim games, soccer games  and swim meets.  I really was OK with experiencing partial empty nesting and quiet evenings.  Until this year.  I am 47 and have a child in Pre-K.  For those that haven't read along, I am raising my nephew.  He has lived with us since May 2011.  We affectionately call him 'Booger Bear'.  Which wasn't because he picks his nose.  But he does, as all little kids do.  Ewww.
So we attended the Open House and have the customary first day of school photos; along with the first day of school paperwork pile.

We called daycare, 'school', because when Bear arrived his 3 sisters already all attended regular school (they live with other family).  We thought calling daycare 'school' would help Bear adjust to moving from in home day care to a structured day care center with other children.  Being excited then helped.  He was even more excited this year.  He is now in "big boy school", as he calls it; along with several of his friends from daycare.
Last week we also had first day of classes at the University where I work.  To say our August has been complete mayhem would be an understatement!  Meal planning has also suffered.  So it's time to reel in the mayhem.  I've planned and shopped today.  It's solid.  And our meals are hopefully designed to keep me out of the kitchen, more than in it.  Bear comes home ready for supper!

My meal planning is only for supper.  Bear eats breakfast and lunch at school.  I am brown bagging lunches in an effort to save a few pennies, because parking is at premium spaces only before 8am and because I really need to drop a few pounds.  Laying off the fast food is best for that! We don't have access to a great microwave, so here is what my brown bag lunches consist of:
- Chicken Salad Sandwiches, with fruit (banana or apple) and a small amount of chips.
- Tuna salad (made with mayo and sliced chucks of Golden Delicious apples) with mini Club crackers.
- Turkey sandwiches, fruit and chips.
- Pasta salad
For Supper this week we are having:
Sunday - Field peas, cornbread; served with homemade salsa
Monday - Leftovers with mac n cheese
Tuesday - Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken, served over rice (new recipe)
Wednesday -  Leftovers
Thursday - Crockpot Baked Potato Bar served with steamed broccoli
Friday - Sloppy Joes with sweet tater fries

How is your school routine?  What's for supper?

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  1. Sherri, I am so glad to see you back on blog, enjoy all your articles, especially menu planning and bargain clothing. I hope you and Bear have a good school year, know life is busy for you. God bless your family! From a middle GA fan.


Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog! I appreciate and read every comment. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! ~Sherri~

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