Thrifty Fashion Finds 3.17.12

Hello, my name is Sherri and I am a thrift-aholic shopper.  Now you know.  Or maybe you have figured that out before my confession.  There is more...are you sitting down?  I haven't been to a retail mall in almost 2 years!  My last purchase in a mall was Victoria's Secret.  Because I do have certain standards.  Which means ladies, that my under garments must be new.
I thought I would start sharing my thrift finds each week.   This will allow me to keep up with my addiction and hopefully will hold me accountable to donate other items from my closet.   Here is this week's thrift haul:
Black Land's End short sleeve top, Goodwill - $0.99 (color of the week, half off)
Fuschia short sleeve blouse, Goodwill - $1.99 (another color of the week)
Striped sleeveless top by Nine and Company, Goodwill - $3.99
Light blue Banana Republic blouse, consignment boutique - $5.59
Navy pleated skirt, Salvation Army - $0.99 (color of the week)
Beaded choker, Salvation Army - $0.99
Earrings, consignment boutique - $2.79
Lee Jeans for Bear, Salvation Army - $1.99
My total, minus Bear's jeans - $17.33
To give you insight into my addiction:  I made two lunch hour runs, one day to Goodwill and the other to Salvation Army.  Today, Bear and I visited with his Granny (my Mom) a her Beauty Shop, afterwards we dropped in two consignment shops.  Then on our way home stopped in our local Goodwill and Salvation Army.  This week is probably a record number of visits even for me!  For the record, I did not find anything in one of the consignment stores, nor in my local Goodwill today.  The first 3 tops were purchased earlier in the week at a lunchtime Goodwill drop in.  The pleated skirt from the Salvation Army lunch visit.  I did find the Banana Republic blouse and earrings today in the 2nd consignment boutique.  Cutest secondhand store ever!  The owner once worked for Abercrombie.  It shows in her store and displays, hence the 'boutique' status.  Today's Salvation Army find's were jeans for Bear and the adorable beaded choker for me.  To see my find's in action, check out my new thrifty fashion post
What are your recent thrift store scores?


  1. You did really good. I havn't found anything at GW, but I did just make a huge haul at sale prices at Target and 80% off rack at Kohl's, plus some clearance things from Marshalls. It's fun to find a few things that don't break the bank and still look amazing. Hugs, Marty

  2. Super sweet bargain on the 99 cent pleated navy skirt.
    I am trying to refrain from thrifting till my birthday late April...but...hubby and I had to take our dog to the groomer and the thrift store is riiiiight across the street, so I ran in needing a simple light pink t-shirt to wear under a blazer. Hubby had dropped me off then sat in the car reading so I was hurrying. Spent about a half hour (yeah that's hurrying at the speed of light for me in a thrift store, lol) zooming around the store and guess what I walked out with? A miracle occurred. I actually purchased a single pink t-shirt for around $2.39! And that was it! I amaze myself sometimes. haha

  3. LOL,I agree with you. Underderwear must be new! Great finds.

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    Happy Blogging

  5. Those look like some great finds, especially that light blue button up! I need to hit the thrift shops, it's been a while!

  6. My favorite is the striped shirt!

  7. Color of all shirts are nice and I like the red one most. Thanks!
    Cute Sundresses

  8. All of the sudden I am inspired to take lunches! Great finds!


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