Supper? or Dinner? Menu Plan

Do you call your last meal of the day Supper or Dinner? 

We usually say supper.  Maybe it's a Southern thang? Here is what we are having for supper this week:
Sunday - Sandwiches and fresh fruit  (We had a big family lunch)
Monday -  Meatballs over Mashed Potatoes with Gravy and steamed broccoli
Tuesday -  Breakfast; biscuits, scrambled eggs, bacon with fresh cantaloupe and homemade jelly
Wednesday - Church Egg Hunt  (they will serve hot dogs with the fixings)
Thursday - Pasta Salad
Friday - Ham Panini Sandwiches with yogurt fruit salad 


  1. I say dinner - but when I lived in Texas Sherri, Dinner was lunch and Supper was dinner. Confused? LOL! I'm trying to be better about commenting - but wanted to let you know I'm a follower and visit daily! xoxo, Artie
    Stop by sometime!

  2. Thanks for the love Artie! Clear as mud! ;-)


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