Menu Plan 2.4.12

Last week was a fly by the seat of my pants week!  I planned my menu on Friday evening, then life went wild.  I received a call to take a family member Goodwill shopping at my favorite GW store.  How could this thrift addict say no?  As I was pulling back in the drive, family was visiting from out of state and everyone was heading out to eat.  So I ran in the house, dropped the goods and ran back out.  Sunday, I had to work and had planned to go grocery shopping after that.  However, I wore a 'new to me' pair of shoes that ended up NOT being a wise choice!  The shoes are comfy, but not for standing 3 solid hours on a tile floor.  No way I could walk a big box grocery in those shoes!  So we made out with what we had in the cabinets and freezer on the fly.  This week it is back to a plan and I shopped on Friday, as I had the day off.  So here is my plan a bit early.
Saturday - Chicken Ranch Tacos with black beans and Mexican rice (I'm using soft shells and chicken from the freezer)
Sunday - Crock pot Roast (secret recipe) with carrots and potatoes, served with rolls
Letting the pot do the cooking, so we can watch the Super Bowl.  Yay!  Ok, I'm not really a huge football fan.  The game will be on though.  
Monday - Leftovers
Tuesday - Zesty Italian Baked Chicken over rice, with steamed broccoli
Wednesday -  Chili with cornbread
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Pizza or a night out
Ok Sherri, why is there this random photo in your menu plan post?  Well, I will tell you!  It's my recent secret recipe discovery that makes my 'crock pot roast' simply DELICIOUS!  Mix one pack of Onion soup mix with the beef broth and pour it over the roast to cook on low 6-8 hours.  Results in a tender, juicy roast with a dipping sauce if you prefer.  Ya know that fancy French term.... Au jus.  ;-)   Leftovers the next night are usually roast beef sandwiches dipped in the sauce.  Yummy, I promise!
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  1. Sounds yummy!! I'll have to try the secret pot roast ingredients. I cook my roasts in a browning bag with onions, carrots, and potatoes. It holds the juices in and the roast just falls apart. When it's done, I tear the bag away, pour a jar of Beef Gravy over it and let it bubble, then we chow down!!

    So good!!!

    Have a great week!


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