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It's coming.  Ya know that romantic love filled holiday that is way over commercialized.  I heard on the radio last week that the 'average' person will spend $125 on Valentine's gifts. Seriously?!?! I don't need fancy expensive gifts.  Come on, I'm the gal that loves a Goodwill wardrobe!  Gimme a break, $125 is just a budget buster.  So here are a few frugal, low cost Valentine date ideas.  So you can't go out?  Let's stay in and be lovey dovey.
Fireside movie - Redbox is your friend!  Pick up a movie, pop some popcorn, make your favorite dessert, wine - if you drink it.  Then toss a comfy blanket and pillows on the living room floor.  Or curl up on the sofa together.  If you have little one's, put them to bed a bit early.  ;-)
Candlelit bath or hot tub - Grab that iPod or an old radio, light some candles, fix your favorite drink and go for a soak.
Romantic dinner - Gather things from around the house, lots of candles and set a pretty candlelit table for two.  You can pick up something on the way home (pizza even), pop something in the crock pot or whip up a simple meal.  Bake up a special dessert!  It's not about the food.  A quiet meal for two, lit by candles, sharing a great conversation.  How often does that happen with little ones?

Maybe you have wrangled the teenager into babysitting or are empty nesters...here are a few cheap inexpensive date night ideas without the crush of waiting in long lines at the typical restaurants.
Coffee date - Even if there isn't a Starbucks nearby, most towns have quaint little coffee shops these days.  Treat yourselves to a fancy coffee drink.  (This is also a good 'stay in' date - coffee and dessert).
 Library - Visit your local library.  It's Free!  Check out a romance novel to read aloud together.
Tourist - Be a tourist in your own town.  Walk downtown.  Pack a picnic for a local park.  Take pictures of all the fun places.  Hold hands.
Fast food candle-lit dinner - Grab some candles at home and head out for a dinner date.  Who says it has to be an expensive dinner?  Dress up and take candles to your local fast food joint or Waffle House!  I heard one couple did this and had the best conversations because of it.  Also, check your local paper.  I've also heard several fast food places go all out on Valentine's.  One person told me about a Chick-fil-a that has candle-lit dinners and servers; only on Valentine's.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a budget buster.  I would much rather spend a bit of quality time together.  With a little creativity it could turn into one of those nights you can't stop talking about without breaking the bank.
Share your favorite cheap date night idea!  I'd love to hear them.

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  1. Playing board game together! Can still do with the whole family, too!

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