Stuck with an Awful Holiday Gift?

You are NOT alone!  49 million people admit to receiving some crummy unwanted gift during the holidays.  So what the heck do you do with that pitiful present from old Aunt Em?  Well, I can tell you what most people do with it (per Consumer Reports).  Most of ya,do like your Momma taught ya by smiling real big, hugging Aunt Em and make the best of it.  Or you just stuff that ugly sweater, goofy gadget or hideous nick-nack  in some out of sight, out of mind spot.  Why not do something different this year, other than re-gifting it to your least favorite co-worker next Christmas?
Ya'll already know I LOVE my thifting.  Plus there's that saying we all know - "One woman's trash is another woman's treasure."  So grab that forgotten trinket in the back corner of your closet and drop it off at your nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army donation center!  Then you can drive away with that warm and fuzzy feeling knowing Aunt Em blessed someone else with a perfect-for-them treasure.  Besides, I know you all went and made a New Year's resolution to 'de-clutter'.  ;-)
What's the WORST gift you've ever received?


  1. I love my grandparents, but one year for Christmas they gave me a 2 lb box of baking soda and a book about 1,001 uses for it.
    I was 17.
    It's funny now, but when I opened it back then I was more than a little bit baffled!

  2. Oh my Mercy Jessica! What a hoot! Now that is the oddest gift I've ever heard of. And I bet you were baffled as a teenager. *smiles*


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