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I recently joined the ranks of iPhone users.  Yep, I was a bit late to the party.  In the same fashion, I am slowly discovering Apps.  One of my newest favs is InstaGram, a photography app that documents snippets of life through your phone pics.  If there is an app for it, then usually there is a party too!  So I'm joining in for InstaFriday at Life Rearranged.  Besides, who doesn't love looking at photos?  And I get to share with you a bit my life you might not see otherwise.
Beautiful sunset on the farm.
Cozy, Simple New Year's Eve Party
One of the hen house chicks laid her first egg.  It's the little one on the right. ;-)
We about froze this week in Georgia!  This is our waterfall aka frog pond.  See all the ICE?
No frogs this time of year or they would be hard as the rocks.
Waiting for Hay ~ Dan, Dakota 'Cody', Bug and the legs of Sassy.
More pictures next Friday, pinky promise; I'm just getting the hang of it!
If you have the InstaGram app; I'd love you to follow you!  Leave me your profile name.
You can find me there @sherri9
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  1. Welcome to InstaFriday! Instagram is such a fun way to document little moments of life. ;)

    Stopping by from Life Rearranged!

  2. isn't insta-friday the best?? :)

    love all your pics!!

  3. This is my first InstaFriday as well.. but my pics aren't nearly as good as yours are!! :)

    I do love Instagram, so I think this won't be my last one... how about you?
    :) C

  4. love the pretty horses!
    happy new year!

  5. I still need to figure out Instagram...I love your pics!
    Happy, happy new year!

  6. I so love your photos. We dream of having land and horses like you! Happy New Year!


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