Goodwill Glamorous Fashions (WIWW)

Welcome to another addition of Goodwill Glamorous Fashions!  
About 2 years ago, I discovered that I could purchase name brand work clothes for mere pennies (compared to the big stores) at my local Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Since I've always had to be mindful of my budget, buying clothes at Goodwill stores allows me to add more to my wardrobe for a lot less money.  I post my outfits to prove you can look 'glamorous' (decent, professional) in cheap thrifted clothes.  I also join in some blog linky fun with What I Wore Wednesday at the Pleated Poppy, along with hundreds of other 'just like me' ladies sharing their weekly fashions.
Friday - Work, presentation to a crowd of 700 students and parents at Spring Semester Orientation
At the end of a very long day in bad lighting. (This outfit was inspired by Pinterest).  
Long sleeve striped top - Express Tricot, via Goodwill
Print scarf - Goodwill
Red skirt - Hasper & Company via Goodwill
Red slim belt - Salvation Army 99 cents
Wool Liz Claiborne black jacket (not shown due to either old lady hot flashes or just the fact it is unseasonably warm in Georgia right now!) - Goodwill
Black Boots - gifted from Belk's Christmas 2010
On stage in front of a huge crowd. 
Saturday - Errands all over town and an evening with friends
Gray striped top - Target
Infinity scarf - Rue 21, recently $7.99
Lime green puffy vest - SJB Active via Goodwill
Jeans by a.n.a. via Goodwill
Gray flower pin - I made it! Thanks to Creative Cain Cabin's tutorial.
You can't see my tennis shoes.  Yep, I wore 'em!  My feet were tired.
Sunday - t-shirt and lounging pants (Be glad I spared you!)
Monday - 1st day of classes at the U (work)
So I was informed last week by a co-worker that it's not purple, the proper color term is 'Eggplant'.
So here's my new to me, oh so comfy Eggplant skirt - Coldwater Creek via Goodwill
Funky shirt - Apt 9 via Goodwill
Black Boots - gifted
While I may be styling the correct color; I'm not really thrilled with the way this looks on me.  Maybe it was just a bad choice of walls to stand in front of for a photo op.  I'm not THAT washed out (please see above photo...Ack!)  However, the skirt is soft and was a great choice of comfort for a busy Monday!
Tuesday - work
Rainy day in Georgia Glam.  My favorite outfit from the work photos.
New Direction slinky feeling top - Goodwill
Black dress pants - Goodwill
Black boots again (my winter go to shoes, can ya tell?)
Necklace - gifted from my daughter
Black drop earrings - Cato's
That's it for this week folks!  3 work outfits and one weekend wear compliments of my local thrift stores. 
Did you know that January is one of the BEST month's for thrifting?



  1. Sherri,

    All your outfits look great. My favorite is the slacks and slinky top. Just love a bargain!!

  2. You are adorable! I love your stripes especially. I didn't know January was the best thrifting month... I need to go!! :)

  3. Your red and black looks fabulous! I love your mix of patterns. And I love lime green too! Yes, I plan to hit the thrift stores this month. I've been waiting a bit for everyone to get their closets cleaned out!

  4. I LOVE the Goodwill! You are doing a great job putting together some classy outfits on the cheap. Love it. And I did NOT know January was the best month to thrift... interesting!!!

  5. thanks for the comment on my blog. i love your outfit with the lime green vest--so cute!

  6. I cant believe that your 1st outfit is almost completely thrifted!!! I just discovered thrift stores last month! Who knew??

  7. Great outfits! Look at you on that big stage--you look great! I didn't know Jan. was the best month for thrifting. Good to know :)

  8. Sherri! Thank you so much for joining up with me for Drab to Fab today! I love your look and I love your blog. You had me at the weekly menu's. New follower! :)

  9. I love your thrift shop outfits! I am working on getting a linky together for Thrifty Thursday, if you'd like to link up next week. I love shopping the thrift stores. I'm furnishing my house with thrift store finds.

  10. You look just adorable this week. I really love the nautical look in the first photo. I think the striped top is a must for every wardrobe. Thanks for the mention:)

  11. Love your choice of scarf. Love their prints and color, eh. Lovely!

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