Rural Roadside

I love living in the country.
I enjoy the sites.
Love barns, old homes, the simple slower way of life out in the rural areas.
So I've decided to take you along on some of my scenic routes this year with a new (hopefully) weekly posting of photos.
Hope you enjoy!
Yes, there is a place called Roosterville.
In Georgia.
I happen to know the artist that painted this sign.
Another thing about living in the country.
It makes the big ole world a bit smaller.
What do you think about a photo link party to share YOUR Rural Roadside?  A look into the world around you.


  1. Love the painted sign! I don't know if I'd have anything all that grand to show...a lot of city streets? No, I think it is a wonderful idea. We are all very into our photography, aren't we?!


  2. I love the old store building. I think that would be a fun party!


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