The Roop House decor details

Yesterday, we toured the historic Roop House.  You can view the beautiful rooms, HERE.
Now I want to share a closer look at many of the decorating details inside the home.
"The home is furnished with items found in the process of refurbishing, items donated by members of the community and actual family members that still hold fond memories of life at the Roop House."
 ~The Roopville Archives & Historical Society
I love old trunks and they have several in this restored home.
A mixed vignette on top of this one.
Another set of trunks in the downstairs bedroom, ready for a picnic.
On the enclosed back porch is this amazing old table.
An old coat rack holds a wreath on the porch.
Just outside the kitchen door hangs,
an adorable 'Santa' apron.
I loved this arrangement in the kitchen,
above the frig.
Another great vignette on a dining room side table.
This perfect coffee station corner is in the kitchen.  The chair and picture suit it.
If you want to see the wall to wall china cabinet, check out yesterday's post.
I fell in love with the sun porch, it's chippy painted flooring, worn table and yesteryear cushions.
In the sun room is also this old simple hutch shelf,
full of old chicken decor items.
Beautiful arrangements were throughout the house.
My previous post had a side photo of the gorgeous mantle in the office.
Here is the full view...
I hope you've enjoyed the closer look inside this grand southern home.
A Fall view of the Roop House


  1. Such a pretty home - and I do love the Santa apron! :)
    Happy weekend to you, Sherri!
    ~ Zuzu

  2. That's an amazing home! My goodness!!! I love the santa apron too, my sis wore her Santa apron on darling!
    Thanks for linking up my friend!


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