Fruit Baby - Shower idea

I recently shared about the DIY cupcake stand I made for my niece's baby shower.
When I shared my photos from the shower on Facebook, I had numerous comments about this one...
Yep, there is a 'baby' in that watermelon!
Actually, it's a cantaloupe baby head.
Cute though, huh?
Creative too.
Nope, unfortunately I didn't make it.  A friend of my sister's did all the work.
I just get to share it with you.
Who knew fruit could be so Adorable???!!!

A couple of other ideas we used at the shower:
I brought along some twine and clothes pins.
Instant clothes line.
Everyone really enjoyed seeing the clothes 'hung on the line'.
The expectant Mommy framed her 3-D photos to 'introduce' the baby.
Family and friends made tons of food!
Yardsale find fish bowls held the pinkware, paper shreds and lifted up a serving plate.  Plus the thrifty DIY cupcake stand.
Pink lemonade was a fitting 'punch'.
She's going to be such a good mommy.

If you want other party and shower ideas, check out the brand new U-create Parties blog!

The watermelon baby is too sweet to keep the idea to myself, so I will be sharing on some of my fabulous blog party links this week.


  1. These baby shower decorations are so unique, so creative and so cute!...Christine

  2. These baby shower decorations are so unique, so creative and so cute!...Christine

  3. Love the decorations. Food looks YUMMY!!

    The idea of the clothesline is neat. Will have to remember that one.

    Great Job!

  4. wow, that fruit display is really neat! The whole shower looked wonderful. My best friend also made a clothesline like that when her sister-in-law had a baby shower over the summer. What a neat idea!

  5. Oh, that is so cute!!! And beautiful, too!

  6. I love that watermelon idea! So adorable!

  7. Now that is one seriously adorable baby. Truly creative idea.

  8. Love the watermelon baby, what a cute idea. I really like the clothes line too. That is adorable. So many cute little baby clothes. Great shower and all the food looked yummy. Hugs, Marty

  9. I love the melon ball baby!! I wish I had seen it before I threw a friend her baby shower .. I will remember this in the future, though !! :) I put it on Pinterest - hope you don't mind, it was just too cute to pass up ! Danielle -

  10. Adorable!! Great ideas shared, thx!


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