Imagine a Gorgeous Living Room

Yard sale score!
Are you sitting down? ;-)
$5 for BOTH coffee table and end table!
They are sturdy and I love the size.
Yes the tops are 2 different shades.
Needs a bit of work.
I will not be keeping them green.
I just can't decide yet on the color.
That's where YOU come in!
Here is my living room:
Pay no mind to my cheap twin sheet 'slip covers' on my hand-me-down sofa.
So use your imagination and imagine a gorgeous Living Room.
This room is due a MAJOR makeover!
This room is an odd shape with a corner fire place.

The plan calls for a brown leather sofa with either a love seat or 2 chairs.
Fresh painted walls, update the fireplace mantel (adding wood over the main mantel section, paint), new rug (because this one is too small for the 'new' coffee table).  I'd also lurve wooden blinds, but not sure that will happen.

As you can see, my current coffee table is black.
Spray painted it months ago and love it, but wanted a rectangle one when the oval was found on the cheap at an antique mall.  Don't gasp, I didn't spray paint a real antique!
Pretty kitty on the sofa and my 'new' Goodwill find curtains ($10 for both panels).
Back to these beauties.
If you are remembering to use your imagination, then I will have these with a brown sofa.
I fell in love with Little bits of Bliss farmhouse table.
Little bits of Bliss photo
I also fancied this table over at Houzz
So give me your BEST ideas!
How should I refinish my yard sale tables?
Wall color ideas, imagining a brown leather sofa.  What am I saying, you can SEE I have a dilemma! So I need input on it all.
Can we make this Living Room SHINE?
Just for input information, this room is open to my kitchen/hall via a large double door'less' opening. The kitchen is yellow.  The hallway is pale yellow with brown under the white chair rail.
I am linking into Serenity Now's Decorating Dilemmas Party, cause Gals, I need your ideas!
Oh and can someone teach me to do that fancy inspiration board thingie for this room? ;-)
Be sure to check out the other Decorating Dilemmas and share your great skills!
I am also linking into The Inspired Rooms, Inspired by.  Because each of YOU can help inspire this makeover.


  1. Well, I would love to see everything white. Top of coffee table dark just as in the lower photo. Get rid of rug, paint cabinet white (or not) but to me everything white with the dark brown and Tradewinds green on the walls. Soft moss green rug. A big one. Something on the wall to cover the outlets next to the fire place. Paint the mantel and all the wood white. New pillows..with the pale green and touch of pale yellows. Mirrors. Your new little carrier you found at the garage sale filled with flowers...GOOD silks mixed with real greens. Take white spray paint to the frame on the freshen it up and then rub some off. For color just books..magazines along with your flowers. LOVE those floors. They will really show up always! But you will get some much better idea's. I can't tell the color of the drapes. Oops, I think they are blue. Well, that shoots that idea down!
    Besides, I get the impression that you are somewhat like me. Not sure if you want to go ...rustic..or shabby chic with the white..or go to the new black trend. LOL I'm no help at all!
    If you were to go with the white..all the rustic stuff on the fire place would have to go. :)
    I best leave it to someone else to help you! :)

  2. Can't do a white sofa. We have a black dog that sheds horribly. I hate (and yes, I DO mean hate it! LOL) the hand me down sofa I have now, but had no choice at the time til I can get a new sofa, which will be within the next month. Thank goodness! That's why I want brown leather. Wipe off and won't show every speck of dirt, dog hair.

  3. I love your stone corner fireplace! You really scored on your coffee and end table - what a deal! I like the look you posted with offwhite legs and a refinished top.

  4. Can you hear me gasping over here?? Wow did you score! :o) The pictures you posted with the darker top and cream legs would look real nice. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Trish

  5. We just ordered 2 dark brown flexsteel sofas, and will be repainting too! Our current color is a mustard shade, and I don't want that much a contrast. Good Luck!

  6. Those inspiration pictures you posted are exactly what I was thinking, even before I scrolled down to them! They'd be especially perfect with a dark leather sofa.

    Your fireplace is gorgeous - can't wait to see what you're doing to do with the mantel.

    I think if it were me, I'd start with a khaki color on the walls - something with the right tone so as not to clash with other colors you're working with. Then I'd focus on the wood tones in the room - getting them a couple of complimentary colors in finishes that really stand out, then bring it color through your accessories.

    An idea for your windows (I'm currently working on doing this myself) - have you considered adding shades (roman or otherwise) or even just a simple fabric valance hung close to the ceiling, just to the top of the window?

  7. I can't tell exactly what your paint color is now but I love my brown leather sofa's against my Sherwin Willims Blonde (a soft golden yellow). You can see it here just after I painted without any accessories in the the room. Just paint and couches.

    I think it would look great with your floor. I have a lot of white trim work that pops off the yellow and makes it very fresh. I use lots of reds and greens with it but think it works well as a nuetral and you could go with what ever colors/style you want. I chose my floral valances first then used them for inspiration for all the other colors in the room. It's so much easier that way.

    My livingroom tables are red!

  8. Thanks for stopping by by blog and becoming a follower. Your sweet comments made my day. I also am becoming a follower- I love your button, I am adding it to my blog.
    $5 is an incredible score for those tables. I think you should paint the bottoms white and do a white wash finish on the top. Can't wait to see what you'll decide to do!

  9. What a great deal! I have no luck at yard sales:) I love the last two inspiration pictures with the wooden top and the white legs! I say strip the tops and restain them the same color and paint the legs white. It would be very cottage chic!

  10. Great score on the tables! I think a creamy white base with stained wood top would look great... and a light wall colour, something somewhere between the yellow of your kitchen and the brown in your hallway.

    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  11. Great plans on your living room! I think your table will look so cute in the way you have shown! And your plans for the rest of the room sound wonderful too! It's amazing the effect new paint can have on a room!

    I can't wait to see it!


  12. I think your inspiration pics are spot on! Can't believe what a deal you got on those tables. :)

    It sounds like you have a good plan in your mind already. I think the shutters might look neat on your mantel...kind of like what the Nester did. Would give you some height up there.

    Thanks so much for linking up to my party. I hope you're having fun "mingling." :)

  13. I like all your ideas! It was funny the first thing I noticed was how small the rug was, and then I read you said the same thing. What a score on the tables. It is all going to look so nice when you are done. I like that old window you have hanging in the room too.

  14. LOVE the distressed white legs and the darker walnut top for those tables. You need some white and some contrast in that room, imo! Lots of bloggers have been remaking tables like your lately and they look great. Look thru pottery barn's new catalog for ideas. A new rug wouldn't hurt either! Good luck!

  15. I love the first inspiration photo - distressed white with wood stained top! Go for it! It will look great!

  16. I feel your pain. Since I've entered the blogging world, I've been driving my hubs crazy with new design ideas. We have given ourselves the project of painting for the next month. Everything. No more unfinished painting tasks for us.

    Anyway, I found this article on Young House Love. We will be heading to Home Depot this weekend with this article in hand.

    Hope it helps.
    P.S. I would keep everything light and airy: white, light blues, and yellows. It will lighten up the brown sofa.

  17. I like your inspiration photos--I'd go with offwhite on the bottom, wood stain on the top. I think it'll look beautiful, and coordinate nicely with your stone fireplace.

    Good luck on making the changes that will work for you and make you happy! You're on the right track!

  18. I love your inspiration photos and I'm totally jealous of your frugal find! I think they would look GREAT like the photos - cream/white with stained top! gorgeous!

    I'm with ya on the couch! I love my brown leather couch.

  19. Hi! Nice find! I LOVE garage sales too! If it were me, I would probably sand the tops down and restain them. As for the bottom parts that are green, I think they would look nice as a creamy off-white color. Make sure you sand those down too before you paint them!

  20. Can you copy the Bliss farmhouse table? It's very pretty....Christine

  21. If you have a brown leather couch the white/stained top would look great on your coffee table! I'd paint the hutch and your surround on the fireplace. it would look stunning against your beautiful wood floor. Get a nice big area rug. and I feel like something needs to happen with the maybe a more bold paint color, a mustardy yellow perhaps?

  22. I love your style! I would definitely paint both of the tables a bright white. I love the idea of glass tiles on the top, the little square ones. I think you could get some in a mixture of black, brown, white, and gray and that would be really pretty!

  23. Both your inspiration photos (Little Bits of Bliss and abeachcottage) are in my favourites file. I recently picked up two end tables, similar in style to yours, green with wood tops also. So far I have primed and painted one Benjamin Moore Cloud White. I love it and they work well with our brown leather couch. I plan to finish the other soon, and possibly sand down and restain the tops.
    Good luck!

  24. I like the idea of a wood tone top and white legs. Sort of makes everyone happy! The possibilties are endless. If you go with something other than leather, you can re~paint the tables. Lucky you! They are gorgeous!

    I'm having a giveaway if you want to pop over!!


  25. Great deal on those two pieces! I love the idea of white distressed and aged and then the top stained.

  26. I like two tone but if you're going to have a BROWN leather sofa I'm not sure that you want a white table -- perhaps a wood top and the bottom something that will go with the curtains and perhaps coordinate with chairs.

  27. Great score on the tables!
    Can't wait to see what you do with them!
    I'm a new follower!


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