Sweet Shot Tuesday

An old building in my home town.
I love old buildings, houses, barns.
They tell such a story of days gone by. 
If those walls could talk.

I found a NEW blog link party! 
Lovin' it.
It's called Sweet Shot Tuesday.
Sweet Shot Day
Darcy hosts this linky love party weekly.
For ANY level photographer.
In her words, "If you own a camera, you are a photographer".
No themes, just point, shoot and post the photo to share.
I am hoping linking up will inspire me to take and post interesting photos to share.


  1. I love colorful buildings-- and the older the better! Is it a vacant building?

  2. I'm a sucker for colorful old buildings too! Great photo! :o)

  3. It's a charming picture, Sherri!


  4. The building actually is not vacant. It sits on the corner of the railroad tracks in town and used to be an old feed and supply store. Now it sells industrial kitchen supplies.

  5. I love the textures and colours in this pic. Am enjoying having a peek around your blog too :-)


  6. Thanks for the comment! I love your picture! I am also a fan of old buildings!

  7. I share your love of things that are old. Beautiful photo. I wish I knew where you lived. It reminds me of home... Rural Iowa.


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