Building a Menu Master List

Crock pot roast and potatoes, with broccoli and rolls 

In order to build your master menu list you need to first consider your lifestyle:  Busy, hectic for most of us!
I'm a working mom, so easy, simple recipes rule the roost.  I also enjoy using my crockpot for nights when I know I won't feel up to preparing a meal or when we used to run to soccer, band or those kid activities. I've also found a few recipes I can make  The rule of thumb is to be flexible!  If you have to rearrange your weekly menu or order delivery pizza...that is OK!

My daughter's favorite meal ~ Salmon patties, creamed potatoes, peas and biscuits

When developing my master list I asked the kids for their favorite meals.  If you have a mate, then be sure to include their favorites too!  Next, keep your recipes handy.  I have many typed up in a file on my computer, pages marked in recipe books and new to try ones bookmarked online.  I like tossing a few new recipes into the mix to keep us from getting too bored with the same tried and true ones. 

Ranch potato wedges (new recipe and family fav!) with pull pork sandwich and slaw

My list is basically dinner menus, as we are out of the house for lunches and do quick breakfast items (cereal, pop tarts, bagels, etc).  However, if your family is home for these meals be sure to add them into your master planning menu.  I would like to say I'm more organized with this, however my master list is on a simple piece of school notebook paper!  I have plans to do a small notebook to keep in the kitchen with the master list and a place for favorite recipes to be at my fingertips.  This will help with making out my grocery list also.

My Master Menu List (click on the links for recipes)
  • Spaghetti, garlic bread (optional salad)
  • Crock pot roast with potatoes (add in carrots, if you like!)
  • Pinto beans and cornbread  (a Family favorite)
  • Chicken and Dumplings  (a simplified recipe using Egg noodles)
  • Chicken Pot pie
  • Salmon Patties, creamed potatoes, english peas and biscuits
  • Sloppy Joes with Ranch potato wedges
  • Taco Soup
  • Tacos, mexican rice and black beans
  • Homemade Pizza or Pizza Pockets/Rolls
  • Chili
  • Ranch Chicken
  • Vegetable Soup with sandwiches
  • Hashbrown casserole (great side dish to add to any meal)
  • Taco Salad (from leftover tacos, rice and beans)
  • Hot dogs, with either baked beans/chili and ranch potato wedges
  • Lasagna Roll ups, garlic bread (optional salad)
  • Brunswick Stew
  • Pulled pork sandwiches, ranch potato wedges and slaw
  • Panini sandwiches 
  • Meat loaf, AuGratin potatoes, baked apples
  • Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, sandwiches
  • Quesadillas - chicken/cheese (LOVE my Quesadilla maker!), yellow rice, black beans
  • Pork chops, veggies
  • Chicken and Rice (can be done in the Crockpot)
 Recipes I still want to try
I usually try to add in a new recipe to try!  If it gets 2 thumbs up, then I add it in the rotation.  I love checking out the menu lists on Organizing Junkie on Mondays for ideas.  

I also love to bake and have several favorite recipes.  We love snacking on Banana Bread and Strawberry Bread.
    Have you made your Master Menu list?  SHARE your family favorite recipe in my comments!  We all love getting new ideas and recipes to try.   Have you Menu planned for this week?  Try it, you just might like it! ;-)

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    1. Umm... everything looks so delish! I'm saving your post to my favs! It's not lunch time, but you just made me hungry! Cant wait to try some of your receipies too.

    2. I love this idea. Truly would be such a time saver. Thanks for also posting your favorite recipes. It gets my mind going as to some of the meals we enjoy around here. Thanks for the great idea!

    3. You have a great list and it is so organized - makes making a meal much easier !

    4. Thanks for all the recipes and meal ideas! Wow, you even do baked apples! You're amazing!
      I'm definitely going to try these out on my little fam. I'm always needing simple stuff to make, since I'm trying to learn to love cooking ;)

    5. What a wonderful idea. I mean I keep a lot of them in my head but should write them down.

      Here's a great giveaway. Nothing to do but comment.

    6. STRAWBERRY BREAD!!! My lord what an idea, I HAVE to make some!!


    7. Once upon a time I started working on my master menu plan. And, well, really--that's about all there is to say about it. :)

      You have some really great meal ideas--when I *finally* finish my master plan--you can bet they will be included!

    8. Ranch Potatoes...I'm going to try those soon!

    9. Thanks for stopping by, and your kind words. Please come by anytime.

      My hubby does all the cooking. I'm lucky!!1 It all looks yummy..

    10. We have a master list of favorite meals/dishes that see frequent appearances in dinnertime rotation. I mix the old faithful and easy in with the new/untested/more time consuming each week to try and keep us enjoying dinner and not getting bored!
      Love your blog - keep up the great work!

    11. I should really make a master...I'm always wondering what to make for dinner...

      What a great idea!

    12. I used to have a menu list that was about 4 pages long! I used to cook a lot more. Right now my favorite recipe (which I'm going to go make right now) is crockpot lasagna. I basically make it the same as my normal lasagna, but put it in the crockpot, with the noodles uncooked and broken up between the layers. It tastes great, and you know how wonderful those hearty hot meals are on cold winter days!

    13. I LOVE our master meal plan! I am also a working mom and it helps out so much when it comes time to plan our weekly menu. It keeps us from eating the same stuff over and over. Here's a link to mine if you'd like to see it:
      I keep it in the front of our "favorite recipes" binder. It's been a while since I've posted that and it really needs to be updated. We've added so many new dishes to our favorites.
      Thanks for sharing yours. Have a good day!

    14. Thank you! I thank you and my husband definitely thanks you! Since this post you wrote I have been getting on the ball with planning our meals, and I'm actually cooking every night! Wow, that's huge for me. Thank you for helping me go up a rung on my ladder towards becoming a better mommy/wife! :D


    Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog! I appreciate and read every comment. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! ~Sherri~

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