What in the World to do NEXT?

The last 6 months tossed me and turned me everywhichaways ...but didn't break me. Although there were a few days I thought it might; I hung in there and am still standing. Hopefully today stronger and wiser.

I tossed myself into my job; one to help me concentrate and two out of necessity. We went from a 4 person office to a 2 person office during one of our busiest seasons. Even that has had it's amazing rewards! The 'team' became stronger. Recently we have added a new face that has fast become a wonderful addition to the office. Things are finally settling down a bit. So that leaves me with the question of What in the world to do next? After an exhausting Summer, I now come home with leftover energy.

Life caused me to slow down my junk store hunts; which I miss tremendously. However, there are still several ideas and projects lurking around my sweet little home. Unless I find something just AMAZING, can't live without it....I want to finish up a few of the things on my 'to do' list first.

It's 2nd Time Around Tuesday, hosted by Diane at A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words , where bloggers feature items found thus giving them a 2nd time around. Today I want to share this cute sewing machine table I found months ago (and I do mean MONTHS ago) at the local Goodwill. It is solid and well worn...er, I mean loved. It as been sitting in my kitchen corner. When I purchased it for a mere $7; I had the idea to paint it and use it in the kitchen as a little side table.

So what do you think? Should I paint her? I should say I have no furniture in my house that is painted a color besides the 'norm'! Be sure to visit over at Diane's blog for other 2nd time around treasures.

I'm grateful for my chance at a 2nd time around, in blog land. Thank you to those that sent emails to 'check in' on me during my 'break'. There is a world of love in the ladies that connect here. I know, I've felt it.

What in the world to do next? Live each day to it's fullest! I can't wait to see how it all turns out.


  1. You have always had the most positive, 'shiny' outlook than anyone I know. You seem to be faltering a bit, but I KNOW the old Sherri will be back... Going at things full force!! I am totally behind you, my friend!!

    I love the table. If you leave it or paint it, you are on your way to a wonderful way to add some really pretty things to your home to make it more YOU!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week, Sherri!!


  2. wow, $7. Have fun figuring out what to do. I'm never quick enough to paint stuff. I enjoy wood but love it when people are willing to paint stencil and decopouge stuff.

  3. I am a painter of all wood...so of course I am going to say paint it!
    I did the same to the one I have...never thought to use it in the kitchen...what a great idea!!!
    I plan on using mine as a laptop desk/hider.
    What ever you decide to do, let us know!

  4. Lovely post, really enjoyed it - & I'm loving your blog ! Best wishes..

  5. I say Go For It-turn a new leaf and paint it. I signed up as a follower as well.


  6. What a nice autumnal tablescape, Sherri!
    If there are any more of those darling pumpkin plates, I'd run right back & buy them...they are CUTE!!

    I have the same sewing machine case only mine still has an ancient Singer sewing machine in it! I have my serger on top of it right now.
    Go ahead & paint it whatever color makes you happy. :D

  7. So glad to see this. I have been eyeing up an old Victrola cabinet (empty, but lovely nonetheless). and I am wondering if it would make a nice side table regardless of being empty.

    Thanks for the inspiration. When the next 50% sale hits I may go and claim her.



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