Welcome FALL

I sincerely love living in Georgia where we feel and see the changing of the seasons.  Goodbye Summer...
Hello and Welcome to my favorite season, Fall !

 Don't let this little friendly witch scare you!  She is my lovely niece greeting you for the Welcome Fall Party hosted by Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses.

Since I've already shown you most of my Fall indoor decorations here, I thought I would invite you along on a mini tour of outdoor Fall photos.  I even changed out my blog title photo to something more Fall'ish.

Grab a cup of Hot chocolate and Enjoy!

 Hay bales.  The farmers here have already been gathering it for the next season of Winter.  

Festivals, Arts and Crafts shows in every little town and community.

Farm equipment from days gone by.  
Makes me think of the last bit of harvesting before the days of frosty morns.

Fall is the time of year to build a warming fire in our little outdoor fire pit!  Love sitting by it on the cool nights.

(photo credit to my friend, David)
Pumpkin patches at schools, churches and roadsides.
ColorFULL trees!

I hope you enjoyed my mini tour of natures Fall decor around my area!  Please stop by Rhondi's and see all the beautiful Fall party items the bloggers are sharing.  Will you be so kind as to drop off this pretty bouquet of my favorite flowers?


  1. Festivals, pumpkins, cocoa -- fall!

  2. Great Fall photos complete with a beautiful witch!
    And now I need to go make myself a cup of hot cocoa!
    Great post!
    All the best,

  3. Hi Sherri
    Thanks for joining the party. Your outdoor photos capture fall perfectly. I'm coming back later to look at your indoor photos.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  4. All of your beautiful pictures capture fall so perfectly!! I always love going to the arts and crafts shows. Have fun at the Fall party!!!

  5. Being from Alabama I'm loving see your gorgeous fallen pictures! What a pretty little witch! She's just bewitching! :)
    Happy Fist Day of Fall to you,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I like all of those symbols of fall too. We have a fire pit just like yours.

  7. You truly captured all the things that make it fall for me. Thanks for sharing. Glad you stopped to visit me. Come again.

  8. What wonderful pictures you shared. LOVE the hay bales... there is something about them that just fascinates me. Love 'em.

    gorgeous little maple tree, too -- all red and sassy. Lovely post!

  9. What lovely pictures! I can taste the cocoa and hear the crunch of leaves just by visiting your blog! :)

  10. This post just is perfect for the first day of fall. Thanks, love the hay bales in particular, we don't see those around here.
    Happy Fall!
    xo Lidy

  11. Those were some great fall shots. I saw my first pumpkins of the season in the grocery today.

    Kathy b

  12. So beautiful! I live where there is no Fall...so these things inspire me all the more. Thanks for the warm feelings I got from your post! It's over 100 still, where I live, but I can forget and pretend that I need that cup of hot cocoa...right?!


  13. These are such pretty photographs. I just love to see trees changing colors for fall. laurie

  14. Great pics ! I do love the country life !

  15. Hi Sherri, your pictures make me look even more forward to the Fall season. Just wonderful!!

    Happy Fall.

    Barb :-)

  16. My favourite time of the year as well !! Love your blog, love the homey feel it brings. Thanks for dropping by my site.
    Will be checking back here quite frequently!

  17. Amazing pics!
    happy fall!
    here is spring!!!

    from Argentina



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